Atlas W Diffuser is an attractive solid wood QRD diffuser, designed for mid-high frequency sound diffusion with a range of 630 Hz up to 5000 Hz. Developed specifically to interrupt refections, Atlas scatters incoming sound waves over a wider area, without removing the energy from the room. Atlas W Diffuser improves sound clarity, creating an even sound field.
With an easy installation procedure, Atlas W Diffuser is available in a wide variety of finishes including lacquered surfaces, such as our limited edition (Gold Version).
Atlas is designed to scatter over any axis. It can be used behind speakers, to treat first reflections, or on the back walls.
Made from wood, from a sustainable and renewable source, its unique design is a welcome addition to any space.



2D – QRD Diffuser

Scattering range: 630 Hz to 5000 Hz



– Enlarging sweet spot
– Specular reflection control

– Flutter echo control

Atlas is designed to scatter over any axis.

Recommended for

– Control room

– Recording room

– Home studio

– Broadcast studio

– Drum room


FG – LW | xxmm
FG – NW | 595x595x110mm



Kg 15.5 Kg