With a peak absorption from 80 Hz to 120 Hz, the Wall Bass Trap o􏰀ers an enriched acoustic experience, directly attenuating standing waves. The various front designs available for the Wall Bass Trap allow you to create artistic patterns when mounted on the walls of your home studio or recording room, completely indistinguishable from the Artnovion absorber range.
The Wall Bass Trap – 595 x 1190 – equivalent to 2 standard panels, is equipped with a weighted pistonic membrane enclosing a volume with a high performance acoustic core. This design allows for a precisely tuned, high performance absorption. Bringing you the maximum performance in as least space as possible.



Pistonic Diaphragmatic Absorber

Absorption range: 80Hzto120Hz
Peak Absorption Frequency: 90 Hz

Ulysses Bass Trap Wall: 595x1190x64mm Fixing System: Fixart Tube



– Room mode control
– Bass ratio control
– Low frequency RT reduction
– Improving low frequency response

– Reducing low frequency time decay


Recommended for

– Vertical Wall
– Small Room Acoustics
– Acoustic pressure zones





Pistonic Diaphragmatic Absorber Pressure Core High Density velocity Core
Effective in both velocity and pressure modal zones Maximum performance, minimum thickness.

Available Fire Rate: FG | Furniture Grade

– Acoustic fabric
– Marine grade plywood structural frame – Calibrated cell acoustic foam

– 595x1190x64mm

This panels can only be installed on vertical walls. Not for ceiling use.