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AudioQuest Vodka 48 8K HDMI Cable – 2 Meter

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Sound first. While 8K and other compelling video/gaming features make the HDMI headlines, AudioQuest’s 48 and eARC-Priority Series HDMI cables are our best-sounding HDMI cables yet.

The greater precision and tighter manufacturing tolerances required to deliver HDMI cables that transfer up to 48Gbps bandwidth mean all of AudioQuest’s tried-and-true ingredients and techniques matter every bit as much as ever before.

Vodka 48 features 10% Silver-Plated Copper conductors that have been direction-controlled for the most efficient dissipation of radio-frequency noise; a high-loss carbon layer, sandwiched between layers of metal around the 4 FRL + eARC pairs, further enhances noise-dissipation.



AudioQuest Vodka 48 HDMI cables can transfer up to professional 10K Ultra HD video. The incredible 48Gbps data rate is made possible by four balanced audio/video pairs each capable of 12Gbps, enabling a surprisingly stronger audio/video experience.

4K Performance

In addition to enabling the 48Gbps data rate, the improved materials and design of AudioQuest Vodka 48 HDMI cables significantly benefit the overall performance of your 4K system. All AudioQuest HDMI cables are completely backwards compatible with existing 4K devices.


Supports enhanced gaming features (4K120, VRR, ALLM, QFT) for optimal performance from Sony Playstation 5 (PS5), Microsoft Xbox Series X, Gaming PCs, etc.

10% Silver Conductors

AudioQuest Vodka 48 HDMI cables use solid conductors to defeat both electrical and magnetic strand-to-strand interaction. Increasing thicknesses of Silver-Plating, culminating in 100% Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS), are used to further improve noise dissipation.

Noise-Dissipation (Level 3)

In addition to all 19 HDMI conductors being Direction-Controlled to reduce RF Noise, AudioQuest Vodka 48 HDMI cables feature a high-loss carbon layer sandwiched between layers of metal around the 4 FRL + eARC pairs to further enhance noise-dissipation.


The Audio Return Channel sends audio from the TV to a soundbar, receiver, or ARC input. “enhanced” eARC is easier to use and enables lossless multi-channel. In AudioQuest Vodka 48 HDMI cables, the eARC conductor pair is internally controlled for direction to ensure superior audio performance.

Direction-Controlled Conductors

AudioQuest Vodka 48 HDMI cables use Direction-Controlled conductors to minimize RF noise. For optimal Noise-Dissipation and superior audio performance, use Vodka 48 HDMI cables with the plug’s arrows pointing towards the TV, or Source towards A/V receiver.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

AudioQuest HDMI cables are precisely manufactured to ensure a high level of reliability, and are backed by a non-transferable, limited lifetime warranty. Proof of original purchase is required; other restrictions apply. Valid in the US only.


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