LB-3300 High grade audio special power filter

As we all know,with the rapid development of digital technology, the application of digital electronic equipment is more and more widely,bring a great convenience to working and living of people, but at the same time also bring a more serious disturbance to the power grid.Normal home appliances will not be interfered by these digital,but to audio products, the sound quality will be stone. The background is vague,positioning is unclear, high-level audio products is more sensitive, the sound quality will greatly reduced, use power filter to improve sound quality is an indisputable fact. But sometimes if used inappropriately, can also have shortcomings such as slow down,force lessent,so the circuit design and materails of the power supply filter must be reasonably choosed.The design of Bada’s LB-2200 not only taken the filtering factors into consideration,but also minimize the impact of filter components on sound quality,to enhance the sound quality.
Characteristics: ●Focus on the flow sequence of currents,has two ways sockets-preamp,source and poweramp,reducing the influence of preamp on source and poweramp, improve Resolving power. Also has a straight-pass socket (no filtering), to meet different needs.
● Access of current filter and sectional area of the coil is as big as possible,use high-quality high-purity copper wire to reduce the transmission loss and improve the speed of energy supply.
● Use professional-grade power outlet,thick copper sheet,good flexibility,close contact,effectively reduce the current reflection and loss of the contacts, this is also an important guarantee for good sound quality.
● Use high-quality WIMA-MKP10 capacitive to filter,make music be soft and good sound field.
● Use detachable power cord,can upgrade in accordance with your own personality.
● With Lightning and over-current protection devices,safety use.
Specifications: Rated voltage: ~ 220V/50Hz
Maximum power: 2500W
Maximum current: 10A
Dimension: (lengthxheightxdepth):127x56x349