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BIK BJ-U100 Wireless Microphones

RM 1,499.00

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BJ-U100 Wireless  Microphone 

After the success of the BJ-U Series wireless microphone models trusted by many users for home and business karaoke rooms, BIK – Japan recently continued to launch the BIK BJ-U100 microphone market. . With many outstanding advantages such as modern design, production on modern technology lines with high-class components, along with extremely affordable prices, BIK BJ-U100 promises to bring you good products. the best. moments of entertainment, great singing.

BJ-U100 Wireless Microphone Design Review

BIK BJ-U100 wireless microphone attracts customers at first sight thanks to its modern design style, technical details and colors are coordinated very harmoniously whether placed in any interior space or in combination. together. together. with other audio equipment will create a perfect harmony.The receiver has a rectangular box design with dimensions of 211(W) x 45(H) x 160(S) mm and a weight of only 0.8kg. The tough shell helps protect the internal components from shocks as well as harmful agents from the environment. Although the body is quite compact, the front of the receiver is designed with 2 LED screens for 2 channels, besides there are 2 rows of adjustment buttons for 2 separate channels with clear symbols to help you easily adjust. fine-tune as desired during use. The back includes the audio signal connection ports with digital reverb, Mechanical reverb or amplifier and 2 reception antennas.

The microphone arm is slim, 247mm long, weighs 0.35kg, made of high-quality alloy material, the surface is covered with anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, feeling light when holding. The manufacturer also arranged a small LED screen to help users capture the frequency and battery parameters so that they could be active in the singing process such as the microphone without sound, they could check the wave frequency on the microphone, start or battery capacity. still good. Besides, there is also a power switch so that we can actively disconnect the signal when the battery is not used up to avoid battery drain.

Fast Speed Setting

The automatic frequency adjustment feature helps the BIK BJ-U100 microphone automatically search and adjust the correct frequency between the receiver and the microphone, when the frequency is selected the receiver will lock this frequency to ensure the signal of the receiver. collect. system is working perfectly.

Very Good Anti-Howling, Realistic Sound

Integrating new technology to provide optimal reception quality, Low Distortion Rate (0.5%), eliminating noise, background noise, annoying howls for more realistic and clear vocals.

The microphone has an extremely high sensitivity (12dB uV), so you can sing softly without losing too much energy while still giving the best sound to the speaker.

Stay Active

Produced on modern technology lines with carefully selected high-end components, BIK BJ-U100 wireless microphone for durable operation.

Using 2 AA batteries is very convenient, the battery life is many hours, the battery operation status can be displayed on the LCD screen if you can check if the battery is running low.


Type : Double Superheterodyne
AF Frequency
A: 610MHz – 639.7MHz (0-99 Ch)
B: 640MHz – 669.7MHz (0-99 Ch)
Channel : 200 Ch (0-99 Ch + 0-99 Ch)
Sensitivity : 12 dB uV (80 dB  S/N)
Distortion :  0.5 %(Max)
Dimensions : 211 (W) x 45 (H) x 160 (D) mm
Weight : 0.8 Kg
Power Voltage : 100V – 240V AC 50/60Hz(AC Adapter)
Microphone type : Dinamic type
Dimensions : Φ51 X 247 (H) mm
Weight : 350g ( Include two batteries )



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