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BIK BJ-W35A 12″ Active Subwoofer

RM 4,399.00

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Design Review Subwoofer BIK BJ-W35A

BIK BJ-W35A has dimensions of width, height, depth of 400 x 445 x 450mm, respectively, with a weight of 27.55kg, which does not cause difficulties for users when arranging, installing or transporting products.

With a different, simple and unfussy appearance, the strong body and strong lines make the device solid and attractive. Pure black color is suitable for many different home interiors.

The speaker cabinet is made of high-grade wood with black powder coating, which is durable, resistant to shocks and strong impacts from the outside. The front panel is a metal tension plate that protects the internal drive from shocks and bad impacts from the outside environment.

The BIK brand logo is prominently arranged on the front, the back is a system of ports, jacks and some basic parameters to facilitate device allocation.

Exceptional Feature BJ-W35A

  • BIK BJ-W35A subwoofer is manufactured according to modern processes, according to Japanese standards, high-class components system.
  • 30cm large diameter bass tube reproduces deep, solid bass 350W continuous power for powerful sound quality, playing well in many genres of music
  • Wide frequency range 20Hz-300Hz amplifies sound evenly.

Quality Evaluation

Strong Public

The BIK BJ-W35A subwoofer is equipped with a maximum output power of 350W at an impedance of 8ohms, which is close to being able to play all different types of music. From dance music, fast-paced hip-hop to golden, lyrical music.
Sound quality is spread and evenly without shadow. No matter where the listener is, they can still feel the clarity and detail of the sound.

Modern 30 Bass Tubers

BIK BJ-W35A is equipped with a 30cm diameter bass driver belonging to a high-end speaker line and a modern Japanese-standard component system that provides high accuracy, stability for detailed and deep bass. The driver part is made from permanent magnets for high sensitivity speakers.

Bass speaker for solid bass quality, warm and clear bass notes. Good handling with modern audio technology for listeners always feel satisfied when using.

Response Width

Genuine BIK BJ-W35A subwoofer possesses a wide frequency range from 20Hz-300Hz, the ability to reveal perfect images, for spreading and uniform sound throughout the space. No matter where the listener is, they still feel the clarity and detail of the sound.

High application application

Operating with an impedance of 8 Ohms, the BIK BJ-W35A subwoofer is not picky about the accompanying audio equipment. You can easily combine the speakers with other devices in the system such as karaoke speakers, amplifiers, power amps… for spaces with large area and large capacity such as halls, stages, bar clubs.

Detailed Specifications

Maximum output power: 350W / 8Ω
Frequency response: 20Hz-300Hz
Cut-off frequency control: 30Hz-300Hz
Control phase: 0-180°
Woofer: 12 inch cone power supply
Other sources Voltage: 220V-240V
Power Consumption: 400W
Dimensions (WXHXD): 400 x 445 x 450mm
Weight: 27.55Kg



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