BMB KSP-50 Karaoke Sound Processor

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BMB KSP-50 Karaoke Sound Processor

RM 2,399.00

  • PC Editor is provided to setup each sound parameter. (EQ, Comp, etc.)
  • This model can create the best Karaoke sound for any room or hall utilizing sound editing software via computer.
  • An Anti-Feedback feature is used to ensure the best indoor feedback control.
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BMB KSP-50 Karaoke Sound Processor

The Karaoke Sound Processor is High Perfomance Mixer use the venue such like Karaoke Box , Home & ETC ,This Karaoke Processor is 1U Side design to mount at any 19” equipment server Rack.This Karaoke Sound Processor have a addlitional features USB conenct to Laptop / Desktop Computer able Use Equalizer to set all sound clarity as you can ,indeed this karaoke Processor also have build in two different Multi FX , ECHO function & Reverb Function , its very useful for every karaoke Lover, this karaoke processor input connections available include Mono Plug (1/4 quarter inches ) for microphones and stereo RCA for music sources . it have build in the volume knob for every Microphone input with small switch in beside.



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