CAV Acoustic Flat Basstrap Foam Black 1pc (500mm x 500mm)

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CAV Acoustic Flat Basstrap Foam Black 1pc (500mm x 500mm)

RM 49.00

  • Panel Foam is made with High Quality Imported Foam
  • Sound absorbing Polyurethane foam panel is designed to reduce echo within an environment.
  • Highly fire retardant
  • Improves vocal clarity and acoustics of your room.
  • High density acoustic foam cell structure for maximum noise absorption.
  • Helps to flutter echoes and reduce excess reflections and reverberation.
  • Apply to auditoriums, broadcast studios, computer rooms, equipment, enclosures/Rooms, gymnasiums, home recording studios, home theaters, industrial facilities, professional theaters, professional recording studios, warehousing facilities etc.
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These foam bass traps are a simple and cost-effective way of improving the acoustics of any room where audio performance is important, from a home theatre to be a recording studio.

Freatures :
* Improves your room’s acoustics
* Designed for low frequencies
* 1 pcs of large bass traps
* 50cm tall and 50cm wide

This sound foam is an effective and affordable way to improving the acousticsof almost any listening area or musical performance environment, from a home theatre room to a recording studio or reheasel space, and is also useful in lowering overall noise levels in wide variety of commercialapplications. Design to treat low (bass) frequencies, the high-density acoustic foam cell structure helps to reduce standing waves, room echo, excess reflections adn reverberation. These bass traps should be your first step in acoustic treatment. Even in smaller home or project studios, just a pair of these in the corners can make significant positive impact on your listening environment.

Many other bass traps on the market are tiny, so you would need dozens of them to achieve the effect that you want. A pair of large bass traps boast a much larger volme, meaning they’re far more effective at treating low-frequency acoustic within your room. And, of course the installation process is much quicker and easier for 2 large traps tham it is for 30 small ones!


Most of the time, the best way to install these is simplyto sit them in the corner. If you prefer, you could attach them to walls/ceilings with the staples, nails, glue or double-sided tape.


Plese note that acoustic foam is designed for improving the acustics withi a room, it is not effective for removing outside noise or attenuating volume in a room.
These panels are design for a treatment low (bass) frequencies.


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