Diameter : 36mm, Thickness : 10mm

Diameter : 45mm, Thickness : 10mm

Diameter : 45mm, Thickness : 30mm


Diameter :35mm, Thickness : 20mm

Diameter : 45mm , Thickness : 35mm


Spikes / Bases/ Footers

  • Shock spikes works is very simple, that is by reducing the contact area increases the pressure speaker equipment, which suppressed the vibration generated by the instant end jump, stable direct wave. And on the equipment itself give shock absorption and attenuation; for external vibrations give blocked. To achieve these two materials, shock absorbers used nail must have high quality, high hardness, high vibration attenuation rate characteristics.Although high-quality steel with a characteristic high quality, high hardness, but the lack of high attenuation.
  • The nail’s voice feature is very thick sense of density, while maintaining the sense of low volume, high frequency greatly improves the sense of line and texture, but ends expand wider, three-band equalizer; in large dynamic has excellent control, and the sound field with open, rich finish, as if the music has injected vitality, flew alive! This promotion is more important than the absolute change of signal lines or power lines.