CAV Acoustic QRD N29 240-54 (2400mm x 540mm) Wood Panel

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CAV Acoustic QRD N29 240-54 (2400mm x 540mm) Wood Panel

RM 1,390.00

  • QRD®sound diffusion
  • Custom Finishes are available Distinctive textured appearance Can be surface or flush mounted Can be oriented to provide two dimensional diffusion in the far field
  • Benefits
  • Attractive finish allows its use in a variety of decors
  • Can be used to control unwanted reflections without adding additional absorption
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Sound diffusers are designed to scatter or disperse sound waves, thereby reducing standing waves and echoes to improve sound clarity. Diffusers (or Diffusors) are typically used in critical listening environments like recording studios, control rooms,music production and live music rooms.

Unlike sound absorbers that trap or eliminate the sound, sound diffusers maintain the “live” ambience, while at the same time reducing standing waves and slap echo. Diffusers may be manufactured from molded plastic or E-Glass and may be wrapped or covered in various fabrics.Sound diffusers are often used in combination with other materials such as sound absorbers, bass traps, ceiling clouds or other provisions to achieve the desired results for the application.

Features :

  • High quality fir wood raw material
  • Cutting-edge design
  • Echo reduction and sound improvement
  • Moistureproof


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