Detailed Reference
Model: Mode 6 Headphone Rack
Material: High-quality aluminium alloy
Process: CNC low carbon cutting process
Application: Desktop
Weight: About 650 grams, packaging weighs about 200 grams
Size: 140mm base, 280mm high

  • German processing technology
  • CNC slitting process
  • Meticulous details
  • Combination of international production platform and pure manual craftsmanship

NO.1 Aluminum alloy materials and processing technology originated from the German system, a global industrial production platform, anodizing process matched with the German traditional manual craftsmanship, the hand feels meticulous and exquisite.

NO.2 Build-in screw hole, flawless, underside embedded screw hole plus underside high quality, UV material Protect your desktop from scratching. The double-layered floor, can be twisted to make the desktop more concise. Approximately 450 grams weight makes it more stable.

NO.3 Set up a home for the earphones, make the earphone cable no longer messy, make the desktop more concise, make the mood more relaxed, and make life more of a quality.

NO.4 Suitable for all styles of headphones, the ergonomically designed concave 3D arc surface, even if you put a large headset, you can take it easy. The concave 3D arc surface is equipped with imported UV materials, which combines the elasticity of sponge and the firmness of leather. Keep the earphones from sliding and protect the earphones from being scratched.