The treatment of α Alpha copper from Furutech OCC drivers is favored by Furutech engineers to excel in sound reproduction.

The α (Alpha) OCC treatment is done with high purity oxygen-free copper using a particular technological cooling process at very low temperature.

Unlike OFC cables, virtually all impurities are removed at the micron using a special Furutech single casting process.

Electrical characteristics:

  • Maximum conductor resistance: Ω / km 13 (JISC3005 6 20 ℃)
  • Minimum insulation resistance: MΩ‧m> 100 to 1000V 20 ℃
  • Capacitance: PF / M 84.1 at 1KHz
  • Impedance: Ω 37.7 to 10 MHz
  • Inductance: uH / M 1.55 at 1KHz
  • Dielectric strength: V / 1 min. AC 1000 (JISC3005 8)

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Conductor Type: Copper α (Alpha) OCC
  • Internal construction 60 strands of 0.18mm each
  • Insulation Type: Audio Type Resin (Red and White)
  • Diameter: 2.6mm
  • Internal structure: 2 twisted strands together
  • Mechanical damping: Quality cotton Audio and wrapped paper
  • Shielding: (Alpha) Braided conductor
  • Jacket Material: Flexible PVC soft PVC (dark green)
  • Sheath Thickness: 1.0mm
  • External Diameter: 9mm