Product details of Furutech FP-S55N – Limited Edition Alpha Nano-Ag-Au Power Cord (1meter)

  • Furutech’s new Nano Liquid solution
  • The Furutech FP-S55N power cord’s stranded conductors use one of the finest conductors Furutech’s engineers have ever designed: the Alpha Nano-Ag-Au, featuring Furutech’s new, finely-tuned gold and silver Nano Liquid. Nano Liquid is a highly effective transmission enhancer, carefully designed to further heighten the performance of Furutech’s already legendary Alpha-OFC conductors, which leverage Furutech’s patented two-step cryogenic and demagnetization process.
  • Nano Liquid was developed by precisely mixing microscopic particles of both gold and silver into a dispersion medium of Squalene oil. Furutech’s engineers discovered that they could affect the sonic characteristics by carefully varying the ratios of the silver, gold, and Squalene oil. The Nano Liquid molecules are so miniscule (8 nano-meters in diameter or 8/1000000 mm) they effectively coat the Alpha conductor surface and fill up any concave-convex sections left on the conductor surface during the production process, thereby increasing the electrical contact surface area, and effectively lowering the impedance. Exhaustive testing then followed, until the optimum ratio was perfected. Furutech thus ‘tuned’ the Nano Liquid to deliver the most balanced, musical sound they could achieve. The influence on the reproduction of music, and the resultant tuned cable means superb overall balance, as well as enablng you to become more immersed in the musical experience. Along with this enhanced resolution, you’ll notice a lower noise floor, improved soundstaging and image palpability, wonderfully musical midrange with excellent bloom, tight & controlled bass, as well as power and dynamics in reserve to allow your music experience to elevate to new heights of enjoyment! When you install Furutech’s Alpha Nano-Ag-Au power cords in a high quality audio or video system, you can expect the following improvements:• Natural and more life-like midrange clarity, preserving the original qualities of any particular recording.
  • • Higher resolution and detail without sounding bright or analytical, striking balance between muscality and resolution.
  • • An increase in soundstage size, as well as more specific imaging within that soundstage, for a more ‘live’ experience.
  • • Higher video resolution with more realistic colors and clarity.• A lowered noise floor, meaning more music can flow through your system.
  • • Increased dynamics, particularly with complex passages that can sound compressed & confused through some power cables.
  • • Deeper and tighter low frequencies with better textures, impact, and slam.