The Excellence subwoofer cable has two separately routed shields. This means that the sensitive audio data is optimally protected from external interferences. The silver-plated conductor transmits the analogue music signal extremely precisely and also enables a powerful and dynamic sound for high-resolution audio formats. The solid 24 carat gold-plated metal connectors permanently ensure optimum contact and minimal contact resistance.

Excellence低音炮电缆具有两个单独布线的屏蔽。 这意味着可以对敏感音频数据进行最佳保护,使其免受外部干扰。 镀银导体非常精确地传输模拟音乐信号,还可以为高分辨率音频格式提供强大而动感的声音。 坚固的24克拉镀金金属连接器可永久确保最佳接触和最小接触电阻。

Excellence Mono-Subwoofer Cable

  • 2-fold coaxial construction
  • 2 x 2-fold shielding
  • Silver-plated conductors
  • Solid core
  • Conductors made of high-purity OFC copper
  • LFE (mono)
  • 2折同轴结构
  • 2 x 2倍屏蔽
  • 镀银导体
  • 坚实的核心
  • 高纯度OFC铜制成的导体
  • LFE(单声道)