Inakustik Premium High Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable with Ethernet – 2 Meter

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Inakustik Premium High Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable with Ethernet – 2 Meter

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Inakustik Premium High Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable with Ethernet (2meter)

The best cable is the one that least affects the reproduction quality of the Hi-Fi or video chain and transmits the original signal with the minimum loss. And we have been fighting for this for over four decades. With products we have developed ourselves and our own cable manufacturing unit in which most cables from our Reference and Excellence quality levels are manufactured. Perfect performance instead of unnecessary losses. Physics instead of voodoo – that is our credo.

This High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet (from 8,0m length Standard HDMI cable with Ethernet) from the in-akustik Premium-series supports all HD audioformats and a resolution of up to 2160p 4k ( from 8,0m 1080p Full HD). The solid data lines are triple-shielded. 24c gold-plated contacts ensure an optimum digital transmission. It is suitable for connecting digital AV components, such as DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray players or game consoles with a plasma, LCD, LED-TV or projector.

最好的电缆是对Hi-Fi或视频链的再现质量影响最小的电缆,并且以最小的损耗传输原始信号。 我们为此奋斗了四十多年。 我们开发了自己的产品,并拥有自己的电缆制造部门,其中大部分参考和卓越质量水平的电缆都被制造出来。 完美的性能,而不是不必要的损失。 用物理代替伏都教徒-这是我们的信条。

akustik Premium系列中的带以太网的高速HDMI电缆(长度为8.0m,带以太网的标准HDMI电缆)支持所有高清音频格式,分辨率最高为2160p 4k(从8.0m 1080p全高清开始)。 实线数据线是三层屏蔽的。 24c镀金触点确保最佳的数字传输。 它适合与等离子,LCD,LED-TV或投影仪连接数字AV组件,例如DVD,HD-DVD和Blu-ray播放器或游戏机。

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet | HDMI 2.0b*

  • 3-fold shielding
  • Conductors made of high-purity OFC
  • * Supports HDMI 2.0b (up to 5,0m)
  • Tin plated copper conductors (oxidation protection)
  • Solid metal plugs with 24c gold-plated contacts


  • 三重屏蔽
  • 高纯OFC制成的导体
  • *支持HDMI 2.0b(最长5,0m)
  • 镀锡铜导体(抗氧化)
  • 固态金属插头,带24c镀金触点


The HDMI organisation has released a new HDMI 2.0b standard. The main difference is that the new standard supports the HDR (High Dynamic Range) format. HDR improves the contrast ratio because the source sends additional information (metadata) to the television – information that regulates the television’s backlight. The source and TV must of course also support HDR. It also supports dynamic synchronization between video and audio streams. This new standard does not require a new cable type! That means that high-speed HDMI cables with Ethernet are still suitable. There are also no resulting changes to the categories of these cables.

最新的HDMI 2.0B版本-有什么区别?

HDMI组织已发布了新的HDMI 2.0b标准。 主要区别在于新标准支持HDR(高动态范围)格式。 HDR改善了对比度,这是因为源将附加信息(元数据)发送到电视-调节电视背光的信息。 信号源和电视当然也必须支持HDR。 它还支持视频和音频流之间的动态同步。 此新标准不需要新的电缆类型! 这意味着带有以太网的高速HDMI电缆仍然适用。 这些电缆的类别也没有任何变化。


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