Inakustik Premium LS Speaker Cable – Made in Germany (1meter)

The best cable is the one that least affects the reproduction quality of the Hi-Fi or video chain and transmits the original signal with the minimum loss. And we have been fighting for this for over four decades. With products we have developed ourselves and our own cable manufacturing unit in which most cables from our Reference and Excellence quality levels are manufactured. Perfect performance instead of unnecessary losses. Physics instead of voodoo – that is our credo.

The Premium speaker cable brings delight to sophisticated music connoisseurs as well as professional users with its outstanding features. This robust cable ensures rich performances.

最好的电缆是对Hi-Fi或视频链的再现质量影响最小的电缆,并且以最小的损耗传输原始信号。 我们为此奋斗了四十多年。 我们开发了自己的产品,并拥有自己的电缆制造部门,其中大部分参考和卓越质量水平的电缆都被制造出来。 完美的性能,而不是不必要的损失。 用物理代替伏都教徒-这是我们的信条。

优质的扬声器电缆以其出色的功能为高级音乐鉴赏家和专业用户带来了欢乐。 这种坚固的电缆可确保出色的性能。

Premium Speaker Cable

  • Finely-stranded: 0.15 mm wire design
  • Opposing S/Z stranding (easy to install)
  • Resistant insulation
  • Plus/minus recognition
  • 细绞线:0.15毫米电线设计
  • 反对S / Z绞线(易于安装)
  • 耐绝缘
  • 加/减识别