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Inakustik Reference AC-4005 Air Power Cable US 2M

RM 30,690.00

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Dynamic music places an impulsive load on the output stages of an audiophile hi-fi chain. That’s why we developed the Referenz AC-4005 AIR mains cable. Specially developed clips are used to keep the individual wires at a defined distance apart. The resulting “air dielectric” reduces power losses to a minimum and significantly improves the electrical parameters.

The multicore structure leads to an overlap, so compensating for the magnetic fields around the individual cores. The line inductance is greatly minimized, depending on the number of cores, and the skin effect caused by steep current flanks at high frequencies is clearly and audibly reduced. In addition, the usable conductor cross-section is effectively extended, and without the negative effects of thicker cables.

A dense shielding braid of tinned copper protects neighboring cables and components against external interference and also prevents oxidation. Each of our Referenz AIR mains cables is tested and inspected with the utmost care. The results are documented, and each cable is given an individual serial number.


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