Inakustik Reference LS-204 Micro Air Spade Speaker Cable (3meter)

Like the flagship model, the LS-204 is also based on MICRO AIR technology. The difference lies in the multicore architecture. Compared to the XL version, the LS-204 has four instead of six concentric copper wires. This impressively agile cable was primarily developed for slim floor-standing speakers with smaller bass drivers. The REFERENCE LS-204 MICRO AIR is available as Single-Wire and Single-BiWire version with BFA Bananas or cable lugs or as Easy-Plug version.


与旗舰机型一样,LS-204也基于MICRO AIR技术。 区别在于多核体系结构。 与XL版本相比,LS-204具有4条而不是6条同心铜线。 这种令人印象深刻的灵敏电缆主要是为具有较小低音驱动器的超薄落地式扬声器开发的。 参考LS-204 MICRO AIR具有BFA香蕉或电缆接线片的单线和单BiWire版本,或Easy-Plug版本。

  • Micro AIR Technology
  • AIR dielectric
  • Concentric Copper wire construction
  • 4-fold multicore architecture
  • Single Wire & Single BiWire
  • Available as BFA, Cable lug or Easy-Plug variant
  • Standard length: 2 × 3.0 m
  • 4 x 2,62mm2



Micro AIR技术
4 x 2,62平方毫米


The laws of nature cannot be switched off. They need to be used skilfully. Every cable has so-called parasitic effects due to these laws of nature. Among other things, this includes the capacitance – i.e. the fact that a cable, like a battery, stores energy temporarily and releases it again with a delay. This effect strongly influences the transmission of audio signals and is undesirable. Cable capacitance is a physical phenomenon and its size depends on various factors. One essential factor is the insulation material, the so-called dielectric, which can increase the capacity many times over. Air on the other hand does not do this and is therefore the ideal insulator. Part of the insulation of the MICRO AIR technology is its complex, diamond-shaped structure. The chambers created by this design increase the distance between the conductors and increase the air content in the insulation. In this way, irritating capacities are reduced and the transmission characteristics for the sensitive audio signals are optimised.


自然法则无法关闭。他们需要熟练地使用。由于这些自然法则,每条电缆都有所谓的寄生效应。除其他事项外,这还包括电容-即,像电池一样的电缆会暂时存储能量,然后再延迟释放能量。该效果强烈影响音频信号的传输,这是不希望的。电缆电容是一种物理现象,其大小取决于各种因素。一个重要因素是绝缘材料,即所谓的电介质,可以将容量提高很多倍。另一方面,空气不能做到这一点,因此是理想的绝缘体。 MICRO AIR技术的部分绝缘是其复杂的菱形结构。通过这种设计产生的腔室增加了导体之间的距离,并增加了绝缘体中的空气含量。这样,减少了刺激容量,并且优化了敏感音频信号的传输特性。


By contrast to conventional conductor structures, in which the arrangement of the individual wires in a cable is chaotic, the wires in the concentric copper wires are arranged in accordance with an exactly defined scheme in which they are precisely ordered in several layers. This design reduces irregular contact points between the wires, which harmonises the signal flow and minimises transit time differences. Impulses can be played back exactly while retaining the spatial information of the music. A thin layer of polyethylene protects the highly pure copper from oxygen and therefore against oxidation.


与传统的导体结构相反,在传统的导体结构中,电缆中的单根导线的布置是混乱的,同心铜线中的导线是按照精确定义的方案进行布置的,其中将它们精确地分为几层。 这种设计减少了导线之间的不规则接触点,从而协调了信号流,并使传输时间差最小化。 在保留音乐的空间信息的同时,可以精确地播放脉冲。 聚乙烯薄层可保护高纯铜免受氧气侵害,因此可防止氧化。


A loudspeaker cable must transport energy and information in equal measure. Loudspeakers can also be moody little beasts, with a very dynamic electrical life of their own. They behave differently for every tone and volume and have to be constantly kept in check by the amplifier. This means the signal on a loudspeaker cable is a jumble of tiny to huge levels, alternating current and voltage of different frequencies and phase lengths. To faithfully transmit the extremely fine details that define sound and space and lend emotion to the music, the cable has to metaphorically keep the speaker on as tight a leash as possible to the amplifier. These beasts can be tamed by applying physical laws, using the right materials, and an appropriate cable architecture.


扬声器电缆必须平等地传输能量和信息。 扬声器也可以是喜怒无常的小野兽,它们拥有充满活力的电子生活。 对于每种音调和音量,它们的行为都不同,因此必须由放大器不断对其进行检查。 这意味着扬声器电缆上的信号杂乱无章,从小到大,交流电和交流电的频率和相位长度不同。 为了忠实地传递定义声音和空间的极细微细节并赋予音乐情感,电缆必须隐喻地将扬声器紧紧地绑在放大器上。 可以通过应用物理定律,使用正确的材料和适当的电缆结构来驯服这些野兽。


The REFERENCE LS-204 MICRO AIR is available with BFA Bananas or with cable lugs or as Easy- Plug version. The surfaces of the BFA Bananas and the cable lugs are finished with a rhodium coating and are therefore extremely durable. The contact surfaces and the screw connection of the cable lugs are manufactured from a single piece, thereby avoiding contact resistance. The contact surface, which has slits on the side, changes to a concave shape when the device terminal connections are tightened, thus preventing the cable lugs from sliding out.


参考LS-204 MICRO AIR可与BFA香蕉或电缆接线头一起使用,也可作为Easy-plug版本使用。 BFA香蕉和电缆接线头的表面均涂有铑涂层,因此非常耐用。 电缆接线片的接触面和螺纹连接由单件制成,从而避免了接触电阻。 侧面带有狭缝的接触面在拧紧设备端子连接时变为凹形,从而防止电缆接线片滑出。


Just like our AIR HELIX cables, the REFERENCE MICRO AIR cable technology is manufactured in our own factory in Germany. In addition to the complex manual assembly of the cables, we have paid strict attention to corresponding quality control. After production each cable is put through its paces. Functional tests as well as mechanical tests are performed and of course we also monitor live performance as part of product development for the greatest possible precision and low-loss signal transmission.


就像我们的AIR HELIX电缆一样,REFERENCE MICRO AIR电缆技术是在我们自己的德国工厂中制造的。 除了复杂的电缆手动组装外,我们还严格关注相应的质量控制。 生产后,每条电缆都要按时进行。 进行功能测试和机械测试,当然,我们还监视实时性能,这是产品开发的一部分,以实现最大可能的精度和低损耗信号传输