Inakustik Reference LS-4004 Air Pure Silver Speaker Cable – 3 Meter

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Inakustik Reference LS-4004 Air Pure Silver Speaker Cable – 3 Meter

RM 195,000.00

  • Pure silver conductor
  • Air-helix structure
  • Air dielectric ensures extremely low capacitance
  • Cross Link Super Speed waveguide technology
  • Double Layer Multicore
  • Directly crimped connectors (1.5 T pressure)


  • 纯银导体
  • 气螺旋结构
  • 空气电介质可确保极低的电容
  • 交叉链接超高速波导技术
  • 双层多核
  • 直接压接的连接器(1.5 T压力)
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Inakustik Reference LS-4004 Air Pure Silver BFA / Spade Speaker Cable

The AIR technology is a milestone in our more than 40-year company history and is causing a worldwide sensation in the hi-fi industry. The approach sounds relatively banal: Physical losses must be minimized in order to transmit the original music signal as unchanged and neutral as possible. And AIR technology comes closer than ever to lossless transmission. It leads to significantly better sound reproduction, which is not only subjectively audible, but also objectively measurable. The insulation or dielectric of the AIR cables is almost perfect thanks to the air insulation and hardly influences the sound any more. The construction, dimensions and arrangement of the conductors are optimized and fully exploit what is physically feasible. In order to set another sonic highlight on this basis of audiophile perfection, the developers at in-akustik have now focused on the conductor material of the cables. Copper of the appropriate purity is a very good conductor. A superconductor that does not resist the current would be perfect. However, the superconducting properties of the material require low temperatures of at least minus seventy degrees. Silver is currently the most conductive material under real conditions. At 61.35 S/m (Siemens per meter), its conductivity is about six percent better than that of copper. However, the precious metal is about 100 times more expensive.

AIR技术是我们40多年公司发展史上的一个里程碑,并在全球范围内引起了高保真音响行业的轰动。这种方法听起来比较平庸:必须将物理损失降到最低,以便传输原始音乐信号时尽可能保持原样和中性。 AIR技术比以往任何时候都更接近无损传输。它可以显着改善声音的再现效果,不仅可以主观听到,而且可以客观地测量。借助空气绝缘,AIR电缆的绝缘或电介质几乎是完美的,几乎不再影响声音。优化了导体的结构,尺寸和布置,并充分利用了物理上可行的方法。为了在发烧友完美的基础上再创佳绩,in-akustik的开发人员现在专注于电缆的导体材料。适当纯度的铜是非常好的导体。不抵抗电流的超导体将是完美的。但是,材料的超导性能需要至少负70度的低温。在实际条件下,银目前是最导电的材料。在61.35 S / m(西门子每米)的情况下,其电导率比铜高约6%。但是,贵金属的价格大约贵100倍。

Freatures :

  • Tellurium-copper connectors
  • Rhodium-coated contacts
  • The PE network jacket against micro-vibrations
  • Angle of plugs adjustable
  • 16 fold Cross Link Super Speed waveguides
  • 16 x 1,2mm²pure silver; insulated with lacquer
  • Wires upon PE core
  • BFA Banana and Spade plugs included in the set


16 x1,2mm²纯银; 绝缘漆


heoretically, the copper cross-section could simply be increased. However, this would require considerable compromises in cable construction, which would ultimately have a negative effect on the sound. That is why we have decided to deliberately disregard the costs and instead consistently expand the limits of what is feasible once again. The result is a combination of the legendary AIR Helix construction and the associated air insulation (the best possible dielectric in addition to the vacuum) with the best conductor material in the form of pure silver – instead of, for example, alloyed or merely silver-plated wires. The high quality sound of the outstanding AIR-Silver cables now sets new standards in the high-end sector.


从理论上讲,可以简单地增加铜的横截面。 然而,这将需要在电缆构造上做出很大的折衷,这最终将对声音产生负面影响。 这就是为什么我们决定故意不考虑费用,而是一再扩大可实行的范围的原因。 结果是将传奇的AIR Helix结构和相关的空气绝缘(除了真空以外还具有最好的电介质)与纯银形式的最佳导体材料结合在一起,而不是例如合金或纯银的结合体, 电镀线。 杰出的AIR-Silver电缆的高品质音质现在在高端领域树立了新标准。



The AIR Helix construction is absolutely unique. In order to come as close as possible to perfect air insulation, in-akustik has developed special clips. Inside the cable, a large number of these clips form the supporting framework, which keeps the signal conductors helically free in the air and guides them through the cable at a defined distance. The flexibility of this construction is achieved with the LS-4004 AIR Pure Silver by joints in the clips.


AIR Helix的结构绝对是独一无二的。 为了尽可能接近理想的空气绝缘,in-akustik开发了特殊的夹子。 在电缆内部,大量的夹子构成了支撑框架,该支撑框架使信号导体在空气中保持螺旋状自由,并以一定的距离引导它们穿过电缆。 LS-4004 AIR纯银通过夹子中的接头实现了这种结构的灵活性。


Of course, the conductors themselves also play an important role. They consist of 24 high-purity silver wires braided onto a PE core. A wafer-thin varnish layer on the wires prevents eddy currents within this „Cross Link Super Speed“ waveguide. By far the largest currents in the entire audio chain flow through the loudspeaker cable. Some of the correspondingly strong magnetic fields are compensated in the conductors themselves by the bifilar arrangement of the wires. The wafer-thin lacquer layer additionally protects the wires from oxidation.


当然,导体本身也起着重要作用。 它们由24根编织在PE芯上的高纯度银线组成。 导线上的薄晶圆清漆层可防止该“ Cross Link Super Speed”波导中的涡流。 到目前为止,整个音频链中的最大电流都流过扬声器电缆。 一些相应的强磁场通过导线的双线排列在导体本身中得到补偿。 薄晶圆漆层还可以保护电线免受氧化。


The LS-4004 AIR Pure Silver is the optimal solution for the realization that loudspeaker cables should primarily have a low inductance: Due to the two-layer arrangement of the double layer multicore, the magnetic fields around the individual conductors overlap and neutralize each other. This considerably reduces the inductance of the cable and also the high audio frequencies are transported unhindered and without time delay.


LS-4004 AIR纯银是实现扬声器电缆首先应具有低电感的最佳解决方案:由于双层多芯的两层结构,单个导体周围的磁场相互重叠并相互抵消。 这大大降低了电缆的电感,并且高音频率不受阻碍地传输并且没有时间延迟。


Just like all speaker and audio cables from our Reference series, the LS-1204 Air Pure silver are entirely manufactured in Germany. The clips are meticulously assembled by hand at on-site factory in Germany. The resulting Air Helix design then receives a PE network jacket before the finish cable is subjected to a thorough and final inspection. We have opted for Tellurium copper as the conductor base material rather than brass. This is because Tellurium copper offers almost twice the conductivity. Than using custom made machine strips, a complex technique with lacquer coating on the highly pure copper wires of the Cross Link Super Speed waveguide is formed. Afterward the bare wires are crimped with a 1.5-t pressure directly on the connector. This technique prevents the occurrence of contact resistance that often occurs with the use of additional materials such as solder, wire and sleeves. The connector surfaces are rhodium coated because this is an extremely robust material that insures optimum contact.


就像我们参考系列中的所有扬声器和音频电缆一样,LS-1204空气纯银完全在德国制造。夹子是在德国的现场工厂手工精心组装的。然后,在对最终电缆进行彻底而最终的检查之前,所得的Air Helix设计将接受PE网络护套。我们选择了碲铜作为导体基材,而不是黄铜。这是因为碲铜几乎提供了两倍的电导率。与使用定制的机器条带相比,形成了一种复杂的技术,该技术在Cross Link超高速波导的高纯度铜线上涂了一层清漆。然后,将裸线以1.5吨的压力直接压接在连接器上。这种技术可防止发生接触电阻,该接触电阻通常是在使用其他材料(例如焊料,电线和套管)时发生的。连接器表面镀铑,因为这是一种极其坚固的材料,可确保最佳接触。


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