Compared to the NF-204 MICRO AIR, the NF-104 MICRO AIR has a conventional, coaxial architecture. In addition to the MICRO AIR technology, the newly developed RCA connector, which is completely solder- free, is another special feature of the NF-104. By omitting the solder, transition resistances and element formation are significantly reduced. As the name suggests, the NF-104 harmonises particularly well with the LS-104 speaker cable. The two cables are perfect entry-level models for MICRO AIR technology.

Reference NF-104 RCA

  • Micro AIR Technology
  • AIR dielectric
  • Concentric Copper wire construction
  • Coaxial architecture
  • Double shielding
  • Direct pressure injected RCA connector (1.5 tons of pressure)


与NF-204 MICRO AIR相比,NF-104 MICRO AIR具有传统的同轴架构。 除了MICRO AIR技术外,新开发的RCA连接器完全免焊,是NF-104的另一个特色。 通过省略焊料,可大大降低过渡电阻和元素形成。 顾名思义,NF-104与LS-104扬声器电缆特别协调。 两条电缆是用于MICRO AIR技术的完美入门级型号。

参考NF-104 RCA

  • Micro AIR技术
  • 空气绝缘
  • 同心铜线结构
  • 同轴架构
  • 双屏蔽
  • 直接压力注入RCA连接器(1.5吨压力)