Inakustik Reference NF-204 XLR Micro Air – Made in Germany (2 x 1 meter)

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Inakustik Reference NF-204 XLR Micro Air – Made in Germany (2 x 1 meter)

RM 2,520.00

  • Micro AIR Technology
  • AIR dielectric
  • Concentric Copper wire construction
  • Symmetrical architecture
  • Signal-free, double shielding
  • Plug with tellurium copper with rhodium-coated contacts


  • Micro AIR技术
  • 空气绝缘
  • 同心铜线结构
  • 对称架构
  • 无信号,双重屏蔽
  • 带有碲化铜触点的碲化铜插头


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Since the outputs of hi-fi devices only provide very weak signals and react sensitively to high cable capacitance, the cable capacitance plays a significant role when connecting up hifi components. What is known as a low-pass filter is produced that cuts off high frequencies and also causes phase shifts. For this reason, RCA and XLR audio cables are predestined for the air-based insulation of MICRO AIR technology. Another special feature of the NF-204 MICRO AIR is its symmetrical architecture that guarantees a high level of immunity to electromagnetic emissions. We have also developed a completely new RCA connector that is completely solder-free for the MICRO AIR series. It consists of several parts, which are only joined together over the course of manufacturing. The cable ends are prepared with a great deal of passion and a delicate touch in our cable manufacturing plant, into which contact pins made of tellurium copper are inserted and pressed with a pressure of 1.5 tons. The NF-204 MICRO AIR is also available in an XLR version for those devices with balanced inputs and outputs.

由于高保真设备的输出仅提供非常弱的信号并对高电缆电容敏感地做出反应,因此在连接高保真组件时,电缆电容起着重要作用。产生了一种所谓的低通滤波器,它可以切断高频并引起相移。因此,RCA和XLR音频电缆预定用于MICRO AIR技术的空气绝缘。 NF-204 MICRO AIR的另一个特殊功能是其对称结构,可确保对电磁辐射具有高度的抵抗力。我们还开发了一种全新的RCA连接器,该连接器在MICRO AIR系列产品中完全免焊。它由几个部分组成,这些部分仅在制造过程中连接在一起。在我们的电缆制造工厂中,电缆端头充满激情和精致的触感,在其中插入并以1.5吨压力压制了由碲铜制成的接触针。 NF-204 MICRO AIR还提供XLR版本,用于那些具有平衡输入和输出的设备。


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