The audio cable NF-803 from the in-akustik Referenz series convinces with outstanding clarity, precision and accuracy. Two high speed signal conductors provide the signal transport. At the same time, the DUO-PE II insulation and the air-filled PE tubes reduce unwanted capacitance and enable the signal source to work “comfortably”. The PE-Network Jacket also prevents micro-vibrations. Another highlight are the Referenz GAP II RCA plugs which take the symmetrical design of this connection to the limit.

In-akustik Referenz系列的音频电缆NF-803具有出色的清晰度,精度和准确性。 两个高速信号导体提供信号传输。 同时,DUO-PE II绝缘材料和充气的PE管减少了不必要的电容,并使信号源“舒适”地工作。 PE-Network Jacket还可以防止微振动。 Referenz GAP II RCA插头是另一个亮点,该插头的对称设计达到了极限。

Reference NF-803 RCA

  • High Speed signal conductor
  • Symmetrical design
  • Braided shielding
  • DUO-PE II Insulation
  • PE-Network Jacket
  • 2-fold PE-Tube Insulation


  • 高速信号导体
  • 对称设计
  • 编织屏蔽
  • DUO-PE II绝缘
  • PE-网络外套
  • 2倍PE管绝缘