Inakustik Reference Phono 2404 Air Cable 1.5M

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Inakustik Reference Phono 2404 Air Cable 1.5M

RM 10,800.00

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The good old LP sounds more alive than ever. Even experts would not have thought this demand possible. The sales of LPs are rising just as surprisingly as those of record players. A boom. But how can the sound be improved? For example, using a new, superior cable between the pick-up arm and the phono amplifier. We at in-akustik have created a new cable for excellent sound – the Reference Phono 2404. It is distinguished by an absolutely unique air insulation feature known as air-helix. We have developed a special clip for this. It separates the two cable strands, keeping them at a distance and embedding them in air, so to speak. Using a large number of these clips the ground and the signal path can be extended over long distances while maintaining extreme stability. Why make the effort? In this way it is possible to forward the sensitive signal without insulation slowing it down – the result is a high-resolution, fast sound. The Super Speed waveguides are threaded and fitted with clips by hand with extreme care in our own manufacturing unit. Afterwards the air-helix created in this manner is given ist shielding and PE network jacket – again by hand. Finally the rhodium-coated plugs are fitted and the cable function is tested. This is because the signals are very important and very small – nowhere else in the audio world are smaller currents used. And they must be forwarded perfectly. The signal level of an MM or MC system is extremely sensitive, at just a few thousandths of a volt. Additionally, the systems have an inductive character. In combination with the cable capacity, they form what is known as an oscillating circuit, which favours specific frequencies. If these frequencies are unfavourable due to excessively high capacities, this has a major effect on the harmony of the sound. Extremely low capacities and dielectric losses are only two advantages of Reference Phono 2404. They form the basis of your unadulterated enjoyment of your vinyl treasures. There is no finer resolution for the sound of good LPs.


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