Inakustik Reference Power Station AC-4500 US

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Inakustik Reference Power Station AC-4500 US

RM 23,080.00

  • Filter Typ I for analog devices
  • Filter Typ II for digital devices
  • DC rejection
  • High quality sockets
  • Copper busbars
  • Metal housing


  • 用于模拟设备的 I 型滤波器
  • 用于数字设备的 II 型滤波器
  • 直流抑制
  • 高品质插座
  • 铜母线
  • 金属外壳
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Where does fine sound begin? Where does it end? These are questions that we ask ourselves time and again. In reality, various factors have a considerable impact on the sound quality produced by audio systems, such as the power supply. This is exposed to varying fluctuations depending on the location of your home (city or rural environment). If we look at this from a purely physical point of view, the music produced by a loudspeaker is ultimately nothing more than domestic current converted into sound. This statement sounds almost too mundane compared to the hi-fi jargon we are all accustomed to because it is obviously more exciting to deliberate the quality of amplifiers, record players or loudspeakers. Too often, we (unfortunately) ignore where the sound actually comes from or the importance of having a stable power supply. A “clean” current is therefore the raw material of fine sound. Our new Power Station AC-4500 takes care of that.die neue Power Station AC-4500. Multiple versions of the Power Station AC-4500 are available. There is a basic model which has one filter for all six sockets, whereas the full model comes equipped with six filters. Each socket has a separate filter in this configuration. The models differ not only in the number of filters they have, but also by filter type (1 & 2) configuration. The Power Station AC-4500 was fully developed in-house. In addition, each unit is manufactured in the company’s own factory and, once completed, undergoes rigorous routine testing with the results being recorded. We have also arranged for an accredited laboratory to verify CE/CB conformity given that safety is paramount for this type of unit. The Power Station’s sensitive technology is packed into a robust metal housing made of 2 mm-thick galvanised sheet steel. The elegant front panel is made of brushed aluminium. The housing interior is also designed in such a way that the socket groups are shielded from one another and any interference attributable to the connected devices is unable to propagate.



  • Separately shielded socket groups
  • Brushed aluminum front panel
  • All-pole mains disconnection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • CE compliant
  • Number of outputs: 6
  • Mains connection: IEC C-20 socket
  • Operating voltage (US/UK): 125 VAC / 50-60Hz | Operating voltage (SCHUKO): 230 VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Max. operating current (US/UK): 15 amps (sum) |Max. operating current (SCHUKO): 16 amps (sum)
  • Max. connection power (US/UK): 1875 VA (sum) | Max. connection power (SCHUKO): 3680 VA (sum)
  • Protection class I
  • Dimensions: approx. 450 x 386 x 122mm
  • Weight: approx. 15 kg (fully equipped)


好声音从哪里开始?它在哪里结束?这些是我们一次又一次地问自己的问题。实际上,各种因素对音频系统产生的音质有相当大的影响,例如电源。根据您家的位置(城市或农村环境),这会受到不同的波动。如果我们从纯粹的物理角度来看,扬声器发出的音乐最终无非是国内电流转换成声音。与我们都习惯的高保真术语相比,这种说法听起来几乎太平凡了,因为仔细考虑放大器、电唱机或扬声器的质量显然更令人兴奋。很多时候,我们(不幸地)忽略了声音的实际来源或稳定电源的重要性。因此,“干净”的电流是精细声音的原材料。我们新的 Power Station AC-4500 可以解决这个问题。die neue Power Station AC-4500。有多个版本的 Power Station AC-4500 可供选择。有一个基本型号为所有六个插座配备一个过滤器,而完整型号配备六个过滤器。在此配置中,每个插槽都有一个单独的过滤器。这些型号的不同不仅在于它们拥有的过滤器数量,而且还在于过滤器类型(1 和 2)配置。 Power Station AC-4500 完全由内部开发。此外,每个单元都是在公司自己的工厂制造的,一旦完成,就会经过严格的例行测试,并记录结果。我们还安排了一个认可的实验室来验证 CE/CB 的符合性,因为这种类型的设备的安全性是最重要的。发电站的敏感技术封装在由 2 毫米厚的镀锌钢板制成的坚固金属外壳中。优雅的前面板由拉丝铝制成。外壳内部也设计成这样的方式,即插座组相互屏蔽,任何可归因于连接设备的干扰都无法传播。



  • 单独屏蔽的插座组
  • 拉丝铝前面板
  • 全极市电断开
  • 过压保护
  • 符合 CE 标准
  • 输出数量:6
  • 电源连接:IEC C-20 插座
  • 工作电压(美国/英国):125 VAC / 50-60Hz |工作电压 (SCHUKO):230 VAC / 50-60Hz
  • 最大限度。工作电流(美国/英国):15 安培(总和)|最大。工作电流 (SCHUKO):16 安培(总和)
  • 最大限度。连接功率(美国/英国):1875 VA(总和)|最大限度。连接功率(SCHUKO):3680 VA(总和)
  • 防护等级 I
  • 尺寸:约 450 x 386 x 122 毫米
  • 重量:约 15公斤(装备齐全)


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