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Jamo JSS6-VC2

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Main Features

2×6 Speaker Selector – Volume Control, Two Sources, 6 Speaker Pair Output

All Features

Input Stereo Speaker x2, on speaker wire connectors Output Stereo Speaker x6, on speaker wire connectors Capabilities Handles 100 watts of amplifier power

50 Watts per channel long term Control A/B Selection for Input

6 Channel Push Button Outputs

6 Separate Volume Controls Power Source

1 in stock

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Product description

The Jamo series of high-quality speaker selectors provides a simple way to manage music throughout multiple rooms or listening areas.

The JSS6-VC2 allows music from two source one at a time to be distributed to six pairs of speakers. One or more pairs of speakers can be turned on and off conveniently and volume can be controlled for each individual pair of speakers. The JSS6-VC2 is housed in a heavy-duty metal casing, and handles power up to 300 Watts peak. A second amplifier can be connected to the speaker selector if additional amplification is required.



– Weight (Kg/lb): 3.5/7.8
– Product dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD): 51 x 432 x 178/2 x 17 x 8
– System Type: Speaker Selector




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