The K50 main box is upgraded from the classic model K5 for more than 20 years. The box body has become slimmer, much thinner than the K5, which is convenient for ordinary families to hang on the wall or close to the wall. K50 uses a 1-inch silk film tweeter and a 4-inch glass fiber woofer. The crossover is upgraded from a Phase-Focused crossover. It has strong dynamic response capabilities, can withstand high-power output, and faces huge performances. Either the scene of the meeting or the plot of the movie can be easily dealt with.



Frequency Range: 100 – 20,000 Hz

Crossover Frequency:  1.8 Khz

Tweeter: 1-inch, silk

Woofer: 4-inch, fiberglass



Dimensions HxWxD: 25 x 13 x 8.5 cm

Weight: 2,0 kg


Finish: Black Vinyl