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Mission LX2+ Bookshelf Speakers + FREE GIFT

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  • • Ported enclosure
  • • 2-way speakers

2 in stock

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LX Series speakers are smart, practical and affordable, sporting a sharp, classic but modern look in keeping with Mission’s customary design focus. Above all, they communicate music with engaging energy and detail, bringing performances to life with all the vibrancy and finesse one expects of Mission speakers.

While high-performance mid/bass and treble units are the foundation of a great sounding speaker, if the cabinet is not properly reinforced it can be an unruly source of unwanted noise. To prevent this, extensive research and development was carried out by the designers of Mission to ensure internal cabinet robustness, eliminating any unwanted cabinet resonances and vibrations. Using a combination of CAD analysis, a lot of experimentation and extensive listening tests, the cabinet within each speaker has been braced at key points which means that the full frequency range is clear and detailed.


• Bookshelf / standmount
• Ported enclosure
• 2-way speakers
• 165mm advanced fibre bass driver
• 25mm microfibre dome tweeter

• 88dB sensitivity (1w @ 1m)
• 20-120W recommended amp power
• 6 Ohms nominal impedance
• 3.5 Ohms minimum impedance
• 45Hz-30kHz frequency response

• 2.0kHz crossover frequency
• 345 x 214 x 310mm (including grille)
• 8.3kg

A multi-award-winning speaker made even better – the Mission LX2+ pumps up the volume.

Award winners made better
Based on the multi-award-winning LX-2, the ‘plus’ version makes the best better. By using larger cabinets and woofers, the bass goes louder and deeper. Bi-wireable terminals improve the sound potential – letting you bi-wire or bi-amp. Finished in a striking blue hue, these speakers also stand out from the crowd.

Larger cabinet and woofer for added bass
With its 25% larger woofer and bigger cabinet, the LX-2+ has been re-engineered to give extra oomph. You can expect deeper bass and a punchier, more dynamic sound. Bigger rooms benefit from a more immersive sound and, even at lower volumes, the sound is fuller and more life-like.

Same smooth and precise treble
The speakers use Mission’s traditional inverted driver layout for time-aligned sound. What this means is a more focused, precise sound that snaps vocals into sharp relief. Used with a decent quality recording and source it can truly sound like the vocalists are ‘there’ in the room with you.

Now bi-wired for upgrade potential
Bi-wired terminals separate bass and treble signals for a purer sound. Upgrade to bi-amping (using twin amps) and the sound quality leaps ahead with a huge improvement in the scale and presence of sound.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 38 × 30 × 65 cm


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