Monsters Green Power Centres are energy efficient power strips with surge protectors. They feature a control system, which will automatically turn off devices connected to one of its sockets whenever they’re not in use, saving you money on your electricity bills and helping to look after the planet in the process.

It also features Dual Mode plus technology that will also disconnect from dangerous power sources and sound an alarm, to make sure anything plugged into it is safe.

They are also certified fireproof, through the use of ceramic blocks which are used to protect sensitive parts of the surge protector, ensuring that they cannot catch fire.

Product Highlights

  • 7x Colour coded sockets – Full surge protection
  • Full surge protection for Ethernet, phone line, TV Aerial and F-Pin for satellite recorders
  • Green Power control system
  • Fireproof MOV system
  • PLC (Powerline Communications) compatible socket