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Monster High Definition HDP 750G PowerCenter

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HDP 750G

The Monster GreenPower HDP 750G PowerCenter is an advanced power strip that cleans the power that goes to your audio or video installation and thus prevents unwanted interference such as hum. In addition, the PowerCenter protects your devices against voltage peaks that would normally damage your equipment. Even your antenna and telephone cables can be connected and protected via this power strip. The power strip not only protects against too much current, but also prevents your devices from consuming power in standby mode. Indeed, many devices consume a few watts in standby mode with a total of tens of watts for a TV with a multimedia system. Monster’s Greenpower features turn off the remaining contacts when you turn off the device connected to the main contact. The Monster GreenPower HDP 750G PowerCenter not only protects your equipment, it also benefits your electricity bill.



Prevent Expensive Damage to Your Fragile Home Theatre Electronics.

Common power surges and spikes can occur multiple times a day, and can easily damage or destroy the delicate circuitry in your home theatre electronics. However, many ordinary surge protectors have a limited surge absorption capacity, rated in Joules. If a surge’s power exceeds the Joule capacity, any connected equipment is vulnerable to damage.

The Monster HDP 750G High Definition PowerCentre gives your AV electronics the advanced protection they need. For a triple layer of safety, it protect against power surges and spikes on all three power lines (line,neutral,earth). With 3672 Joule of surges absorption capacity, the HDP 750G provides a very high level of protection.

Advanced Monster Dual Mode Plus for Enhanced Surge Protection and Safety.

For added protection against more powerful surges and spikes, advanced Monster Dual Plus, circuitry automatically disconnects your AV equipment from the live power line to isolate your equipment from dangerous AC power conditions. Dual mode Plus also sound an alarm to alert that your PowerCentre has protected your electronics.

Electrical Noise and Interface Affects Performance and Can Reduce the Lifespan of your Electronics

Mobile phones, TVs, appliances, and other electronics all generate noise and interference that pollute your home’s electricity. This “dirty power” stresses the fragile digital circuitry inside HDTVs and other home theatre equipment, degrading their performance and shortening their life.

Patented Monster HD Clean Power Maximises Performance and Protects Equipment.

The HDP 750G features advanced Monster HD Clean Power Stage 1 filtering is precision-engineered to meet the needs of today’s HDTVs and digital AV components. HD Clean Power filters remove the effects of electrical noise and interference to maximise your equipment lifespan and ensure the best possible performance.

Save Money and Energy with Monster GreenPower

Monster GreenPower is a revolutionary new way to automatically reduce energy waste and save money. Simply plug your AV Receiver or main power amplifier into the GreenPower Control socket. When it’s turned off, the GreenPower sockets automatically switch off. This eliminates stand-by energy waste by other connected equipment like your HDTV and subwoofer. When your AV receiver or main power amp turns back on, the GreenPower sockets automatically power up again.

Powerline Network Compatible.

Powerline Communication, also known as Homeplug and PLC is a network system that works on your home’s existing electrical wiring. You can easily create a home network access point anywhere there’s power socket. Ordinary surge protectors can block PLC, but the Monster HDP 750G is engineered to allow full-speed PLC network communications.





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