Monster Ultra HD Platinum 4K Ultra High Speed HDMI with Ethernet – 8ft / 2.43m

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Monster Ultra HD Platinum 4K Ultra High Speed HDMI with Ethernet – 8ft / 2.43m

RM 1,399.00


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Ultra High Speed

With blazing 22.5 Gbps, this HDMI cable is fast; fast enough to handle all your high-def video with the speed you need.


Connect to the Entertainment You Love

Besides its extremely high bandwidth, Ultra HD™ Platinum is a great choice for the core connections in your home entertainment system. Whatever the world of entertainment dishes out, UltraHD Platinum delivers. Dolby® DTS-HD and 8-14 bit color are covered. And the connectors are built with V-Grip™, a unique design that makes your physical connections sturdier, reducing disconnects and signal loss.


HDMI with Ethernet

This all-in-one HDMI with Ethernet cable can share your Internet connection with multiple devices. No separate Ethernet cable needed.


Why Monster Cable is Worth it

The Eye Pattern test is an industry standart test that shows all signal degradations in a single image. The bigger the opening of the “eye” the better the cable performance.


The Need for Speed

The Rapid advancements in today’s high definition components demand even higher speed HDMI cables so you get the best possible HD picture and sound. Monster Speed Rated HDMI Cables offer the widest selection of performance, at the widest range of prices so you have the widest selection of HDMI cables to choose from, for now and into the future.


Ultimate High Speed

Monster UltraHD Platinum HDMI cable ensures a high definition experience with the maximum audio and visual impact. Movies are just like the director intended and sports and live shows are just like you’re there. With a bandwidth of greter than 22.5 Gbps no high definition viewing is too demanding. The UltraHD Platinum HDMI cable is your connection to the best in HD picture and sound now and in the future.


Monster Lifetime Cable Upgrade

As digital sources and displays continue to improve the bandwidth requirements of the cable will increase. If the equipment you purchase in the future ever surpasses the bandwidth of this Monster Cable Monster will upgrade you cable.


Why Monster Invented V-Grip

Many HDMI cables can easily become disconnected when the cable is moved such as when cleaning around components or if the TV is on an articulating mount. Monster exclusive V-Grip connector increases the retention force of the HDMI cable for a more reliable connection to your source and display.


Monster Advanced for HDMI Performance Capabilities

8-14-Bit Color

For Lifelike Color Transitions Greater cable capacity for support of 14-bit color also called Deep ColorTM available from advanced HD sources and displays. Greater color depth from 8-bit to 14-bit allow more detailed gradations of individual colors for the display of billion of colors.


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