Mordaunt-Short Performance 9 Active Subwoofer (Used)

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Mordaunt-Short Performance 9 Active Subwoofer (Used)

RM 7,900.00

Conditions: 9/10 (USED)

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The Mordaunt-Short Performance 9 subwoofer incorporates two sizeable 25cm (10 inch) long-throw drivers. Each 25cm driver is powered by its own 500W IcePower module which dramatically reduce heat loss and therefore increases efficiency, allowing the Performance 9 subwoofer to deliver its mammoth 1000W power output.

Both woofers on the Mordaunt-Short Performance 9 operate in an opposed configuration delivering an elegant solution which offers inherent balance and mutually cancelling reactive forces between the two drivers. These are mounted within an ultra rigid, cast steel chassis assembly which is coupled directly to the floor and completely isolated from the enclosure. What Hi Fi 5 star award winner, they said “in the subwoofer, you’ll also find second generation ARC technology. Active Room Control (ARC) was developed by Mordaunt-Short to deliver the very best subwoofer performance regardless of the listening environment”

A new die-cast chassis was designed for Mordaunt-Short Performance 9 that shows phenomenal rigidity and resistance to vibration across the bandwidth it used. Within the magnet assembly itself, the gap has been optimised through extensive modelling and measurement of linearity and frequency bandwidth. The result is an assembly constructed of many different materials with a very linear flux field and minimized third harmonic distortion.

The voice coil therefore sees equal force over a wider range of excursion and can operate to a higher frequency due to lower inductance. All woofers use titanium voice coil formers for supreme strength to weight ratio with good heat dissipation. The voice coil wire itself is copper coated aluminium, further reducing the moving mass and hence improving dynamics.

  • Polymer resin cabinet construction, which has incredible inherent mechanical strength.
  • Two 25cm (10″) long-throw drivers
  • Two 500W IcePower modules
  • 25mm (1″) thick cabinet
  • Active Room Control (ARC) technology
  • Double flare port to reach lowest frequencies


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