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The Return of the King

The D-77NE is a 3-Way loudspeaker that offers full-scale sound to people who care deeply about music. The latest in a series beloved by jazzheads for 30 years, the D-77NE retains the massive 30 cm non-pressed paper-cone woofer, 12 cm squawker, hybrid aluminum-dome cone tweeter, and immensely thick MDF cabinet. These handcrafted speakers buck the trend towards clinical, boring sound in favor of entrancingly musical expression. This stems from Onkyo’s belief that listening should be—above all else—fun. To this end, techniques used by luthiers are translated to the bracing structure in order to shape cabinet resonances into warm, open, and harmonious sound. Lauded for their natural treatment of jazz and classical (those big woofers reach down to 30 Hz and give double bass an authenticity few bookshelf speakers can match), the D-77NEs are equally at home with rock, electronica, and everything else in your collection. Pair them with your choice of amplifier and travel back to the golden age of high fidelity.

Unique Non-Pressed Cone Woofer Image

Unique Non-Pressed Cone Woofer

Developed by Onkyo in 1950, the non-pressed paper cone offers clear advantages over pressed paper designs when it comes to producing deep, rhythmic, and accurate bass. Unique production methods result in a cone that’s tougher, thicker, and lighter (for speed and accuracy) with high inner loss (which means bass sounds uncolored and directionless). The D-77NEs feature 30 cm non-pressed woofers capable of reaching down to 30 Hz—lower than the low E on a bass guitar and below what most floorstanding speakers can achieve.

Silk OMF Squawker for Detailed Mids

Delicate and precise, silk is also the world’s strongest natural fiber. That’s why we use it to enhance our 12 cm OMF mid-range drivers. Layers of ultra-thin silk and polyester resin provide the stiffness necessary for fast and accurate audio reproduction while reducing unwanted vibrations. Combined with hand-sculpted internal wood bracing, these drivers showcase every nuance in vocal performances with pure energy.

Combination Balanced-Dome Tweeter

Frequencies above 3.2 kHz are filtered to a combined aluminum-dome and bio-cross cone tweeter. The crossover contains M.D.C.T (Magnetic Distortion Cancellation Technology) circuitry and German-made fixed-film dielectric capacitors that allow the driver to perform with a sweet airiness all the way up to 50 kHz. The chatter of sticks on hi-hats is articulated crisply with no sibilance or sense of compression. You’ll love the feeling of spaciousness and insight these drivers provide.

Top-Quality Fit and Finish Image

Top-Quality Fit and Finish

Harking back to the days when audio equipment looked more like handcrafted furniture, the D-77NE feels like it will last a lifetime. From the machined-brass and gold-plated speaker terminals (screw-types that accept both banana plug or spade-type cable connectors) through to the premium black woodgrain finish, these speakers eloquently express your appreciation of music.


  • Non-Pressed 30 cm Paper-Cone Woofer for Deep, Natural Bass
  • 12 cm Silk/Thermoset Resin OMF Mid-Range Driver
  • Combination 2.5 cm Aluminum/Magnesium Dome and 4 cm Bio-Cross Cone Tweeter for Precise High-Frequency Performance
  • M.D.C.T (Magnetic Distortion Cancellation Technology) Circuitry to Minimize High-Frequency Distortion
  • Solid MDF Cabinet with Handcrafted Internal Wood Bracing Technology
  • Large 56 lt. Cabinet Capacity and 3-Way Design Produces Authentic and Lifelike Sound
  • 42 mm-thick Curved-Edge Speaker Baffle to Control Resonance and Prevent Diffraction Waves
  • Crossover Network Features Three Separate Coils to Avoid Leakage Flux Coupling
  • WIMA Fixed-Film Dielectric Tweeter Capacitors to Enhance High-Frequency Fluency
  • Gold-Plated, Machined Brass, Screw-type Speaker Terminals
  • Speaker Terminals Compatible with Banana Plug or Spade-type Connectors
  • Magnetically Shielded to Prevent Electrical Interference
  • Removable Cloth Grilles
  • Offered in Black Woodgrain Finish


  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz–50 kHz
  • Max. Input Power: 150 W
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 380 x 660 x 380 mm
  • Weight: 25.5 kg