Orisun SP-2457 Stainless Steel Speaker Spikes Set of 4pcs

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Orisun SP-2457 Stainless Steel Speaker Spikes Set of 4pcs

RM 119.00

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High-quality spike set, which prevents the undesired vibration transmission of loud speakers to the ground.


    • Set of four M8 Stainless Steel Speaker Spikes
    • Stainless Steel
    • M8 thread to suit your speakers sub or rack in the best way
    • 4x spikes 57mm max diameter, 44mm long + 13mm long M8 thread
    • For delicate surfaces please check our eBay store for self-adhesive felt pads
    • Speaker spikes are little cones that are used to separate your studio monitors or entertainment system speakers from the object they’re resting on. These spikes are shaped like cones that have a wide base and then reduce down to either a point or a ball bearing, and the purpose is to reduce the surface area of the points of contact between the speakers and the medium they are standing on. This allows sound wave (vibration) to dissipate and not traveling to the floor or speaker rack etc. Speaker spikes are legit and in conjunction with speakers spikes pads can clean up your acoustic hygiene to notice a real, and not imagined, difference. The shape and sizes of your rooms differ, and all you need is some acoustic treatment to solve it.


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