When “bookshelf” sized speakers are placed on a floor or against a wall their sonic output becomes “connected” to your floor or walls. This results in sound that is muddy, distorted and lacking in clarity. This type of placement also causes sound from the speakers to transfer into your audio/video furniture as well as to other audio and home theater components, further reducing overall sonic performance.

Not only does the speaker’s sound suffer, but neighbors and other family members will as well. How? When the speaker’s sound gets into floors and walls others will hear it almost as loudly as you do. The solution is to isolate your speakers from floor and walls, essentially “disconnecting” the speaker’s sound from your room.

PARADIGM® speaker stands elevate and isolate speakers from floors and walls. Where appropriate, center posts are fillable to help minimize resonances and provide added stability. Isolation pads are often included to further dampen vibrations and unwanted resonances. Sound is clearer and cleaner with much better imaging and a greater sense of realism. For dramatically superior sound and unsurpassed value look no further than PARADIGM®
High Performance Stands!