Record Cleaner Brush Stylus LP Cleaning Vinyl Dust Anti Static Handle & Carbon


This cleaning brush is specially designed for removing harmful dust and contaminants form your vinyl records and keeping them in perfect playing condition.
Brush head is made from soft bristle, which can clean the dust on your vinyl records effectively, and will not cause any scratch, safe and reliable.
Conductive synthetic fibers help to dissipate static, which doesn’t affect the sound quality of your vinyl records.
Wooden handle design makes it more convenient and more comfortable to use.

Key Features

  • Super Clean – When the brush is spread, the bristles are near the radius of the record, which allows it to wipe off every debri and dust. Creating the highest sound quality for your enjoyment.
  • Causing No Damage – Bristles of the cleaning brush are very soft. It will cause no damage to records.
  • Anti-static – This anti-static record brush is anti-static, which doesn’t affect the sound quality of records. Give you the original beautiful music enjoyment.
  • Fast & Effective – With only a few brushes, you can bring your vinyl completely back to optimal playing condition. All dust will be wiped off completely.
  • Professional Record Brush – This cleaning brush is specially designed for LP vinyl record. Very professional and reliable.


  • Product type: Record Cleaning Brush
  • Material: Wooden handle, carbon fiber bristles
  • Full length: approx. 15 cm
  • Wooden handle length: approx. 7.5 cm
  • Wooden handle diameter: approx. 4.5 cm

Package List:

1 x Record Cleaning Brush