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Rega Fono Mini Phono Preamp (Used)

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A cost effective version of the Rega MM Fono and based on the phono stage circuitry as used in the Mira amplifier, the Fono Mini phono preamp offers exceptional performance. Elegant in its simplicity, it is unencumbered by any analog to digital conversion that is bound to cause complexity and noise within the phono circuity. It uses the same close tolerance parts as its bigger Fono & IOS siblings but packaged in a minimalist satin black aluminum case for an accurate RIAA low-noise record playback solution.

Records are “cut” using an equalization curve that adjusts the recorded frequencies so that they will fit in the record grooves. This standardized curve is called the RIAA equalization curve (RIAA = Recording Industry Association of America). The Rega Fono Mini is designed to accurately reverse this equalization curve so that when the record is played, it sounds the way it was intended by the recording artists. The Fono Mini also amplifies the signal from a moving magnet (MM) or high output moving coil (MC) cartridge to a suitable level for all line level inputs of an audio preamp, receiver or sound card of your PC so that you can transfer LPs and records to various formats.

Rega Fono Mini Phono Preamp Specifications
– Input sensitivity: 2mV for 200mV output
– Input loading: 47KW in parallel with 100 pF
– Maximum input level: 65mV @ 1kHz
– Minimum output load impedance: 10k ohm
– Power requirements: 24VAC @ 27.5mA
– Power supply adapter: Input 120VAC 60Hz 5W | Output 24VAC 100ma
– Frequency response (50KW load): 15Hz (-3dB) – 100KHz (-0.5dB)
– RIAA accuracy (50KW load): +/-0.5dB 40Hz – 100KHz


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