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  • The Queen turntable is a brand new product designed specifically for ‘Queen’.
  • A custom designed high gloss acrylic laminated plinth silk screened with ‘Queen by Rega’ logo.
  • Silk screened ‘Queen crest’ platter from artwork created by Freddie Mercury.
  • Hand built RB101 tonearm.
  • Factory fitted Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge.
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Rega has been credited for producing outstanding turntables for many years now with many options catered to varied budgets.  The RP 1 is the entry level unit from Rega which by no means performs like an entry level product. This is a highly customisable product with a starting benchmark that is already at a high standard. This successful product is a great beginner’s platform for those interested in a little nostalgia when it comes to their Hi-Fi experience.

Utilising the RP 1 as a starting platform, Rega has released the Limited Edition Queen by Rega turntable. This new turntable though based on the tried and tested RP 1 possesses many new tweaks and changes that give it its own unique feel and also much improved sound.

Let’s look at the similarities between the RP1 and the Queen edition first. Both units use the RB 101 tonearm which is a simple reliable unit. They’re both also factory fitted with the Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge. Both turntables similarly can be upgraded by simply switching out the Rega Carbon cartridge for the higher performance Rega Bias 2 cartridge.

Simple and elegant, the Queen by Rega with the RB101 tonearm factory fitted with the Rega Carbon Cartridge

Simple and elegant, the Queen by Rega with the RB101 tonearm factory fitted with the Rega Carbon Cartridge

As far as rotation speeds go, the Queen Edition like the RP 1 plays at both 33 and 45 rpm. The speed selection has to be done manually by removing the platter and shifting the drive belt on the two different size wheels on the drive pulley. The smaller wheel is for 33 rpm while the larger one below is for 45 respectively. An automatic speed changing mechanism had been avoided by Rega as the designers felt that it reduces the lifespan of the belt while eliminating inconsistencies with speed that could arise using such systems.

As for what sets this Turntable apart from the RP1, well that’s one of the first things you will notice when you pull this unit out of its box. The Queen edition Turntable is built on a high gloss acrylic laminated plinth which comes in a deep jet black and adorned with a silk screened Queen by Rega logo. The logo is positioned at the bottom right corner just below the area where the tone arm cartridge would be when it’s parked. The silk screened emblem which is gold in colour is complemented by the Queen Crest artwork designed by legendary front man of Queen, Freddie Mercury, which is tastefully found on the platter of the unit. These details along with the all black finish of the unit gives it a beautifully expensive look far overshadowing its actual budget pricing.

To keep the slick look of the top of the plinth, Rega has decided to move the power switch below the plinth itself on the right side as opposed to the RP1 which has the switch on the top at the bottom left corner. The concept of removing of the power switch from the top keeps the plinth nice and clean making the artwork on the top the only motif in focus. Even the acrylic dust cover has been given the Queen touch with a matching badge that sits in the middle of the lid. Every part has been given the right look to give this turntable a 3S look which is defined as Simple, Smart and Sexy.

The Queen logo, which is on the platter of the turntable. There is an included slip mat that will sit above this to protect it when the turntable is in use The Queen logo, which is on the platter of the turntable. There is an included slip mat that will sit above this to protect it when the turntable is in use

The Queen by Rega turntable is really easy to setup and straight out the box all the “assembly” that needs doing is a simple screw in of the counter weight, remove the protective cardboard below the platter under the driven wheel and pop off the cap for the stylus and you’re ready to start playing some vinyl. The simplicity of setup and operation of the Queen by Rega turntable makes this a fantastic piece of kit.

Rega has given all its focus on to the critical components while keeping the non-essentials simple to help keep the sound quality high while maintaining a low price point. These choices really do show true when you put on a record. The sound quality produced by this turntable is great with a slight hint of nostalgia when the occasional crackle and pop appears. Paired with the right equipment, ensuring that your amplifier has a phono stage (if it doesn’t you will need to invest in an external one before the signal goes to the amplifier) the turntable works pretty much like any other source equipment used in Hi-Fi.

The beauty of vinyl is the high level of involvement when it comes to getting the sound out of the medium. The entire process of picking up a disc, placing it on the platter, setting the arm up and gently lowering it down on to the vinyl disc can be somewhat a of religious experience. An experience which when had with this Queen by Rega turntable will turn out to be a highly rewarding one. If you’re into vinyl and love everything Queen, then this is one turntable you must own.


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