Rythmik E15HP SE Direct Servo 15″ Subwoofer

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Rythmik E15HP SE Direct Servo 15″ Subwoofer

RM 13,500.00

arrow Patented Direct Servo technology
arrow High output
arrow 600 watt, PEQ3 high current amplifier
arrow Adjustable damping and 1 band PEQ

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600 Watt 15″ Direct Servo Subwoofer

The E15 is our answer to the need for more output in a compact size. It is based on F15HP so it has more output than our standard subs, yet we have carefully reduced the size to minimise the visual impression of its size without substantial sonic compromise.

There are other small but powerful subs on the market, but what E15 achieve is a smart mix of brute force, small size and finesse. Now the articulate and dynamic bass that our other subs have become known for is available with greater punch and smaller size.

For audiophiles and enthusiasts looking for uncompromising accuracy and exceptionally high output levels in a more compact package, the E15 subwoofer is the ultimate choice. It features Direct Servo™ to ensure accurate frequency and transient response, precise detail and extremely low distortion levels at even high output levels. As a discerning listener you appreciate that bass is the foundation of a satisfying music or home theater experience. You also appreciate that there is more to a home theater subwoofer than shaking the room, and that music can be far more satisfying with a subwoofer that can play deep.

What makes this subwoofer unique? It’s not that it can plumb the depths with authority. There are already many subwoofers on the market which can do that. The difference is that this subwoofer will reproduce bass with a level of realism that matches what our loudspeakers are known for…

We are most proud to represent these astonishing new subwoofers.


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