Siltech Classic Anniversary G7 Coaxial Cable RCA – 1 Meter (Used)

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Siltech Classic Anniversary G7 Coaxial Cable RCA – 1 Meter (Used)

RM 1,250.00

Conditions: 9/10 (USED)

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Classic Phono

A purpose-designed tonearm cable, Classic Phono uses Siltech’s superb G7 silver-gold conductors to preserve the delicate low-level analogue signal from your phono cartridge. It is terminated with TAC 5 and Siltech RCA connectors.


Metallurgy: Pure silver-gold alloy
Construction: Twisted coaxial pair
Insulators: Kapton, Teflon & Super shielding
Cores: 2

Based on our legendary Classic Series, Classic Anniversary was launched to celebrate Siltech’s twenty fifth anniversary. Designed to give class-leading sonic performance at an affordable price, the range offers exceptional value for money.


This elevated performance is largely thanks to our superlative G7 silver-gold alloy conductors, used in twisted, twin coaxial layout, plus special shielding to minimise electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise. The result is an exceptionally quiet cable – and less noise means more of your music.


Superior build quality locks in the performance over a prolonged period of time. All Siltech cables are manufactured at our factory in the Netherlands to exacting standards, and built to last. With four interconnects, three loudspeaker cables, a power lead and a suite of digital cables, there’s a model to suit every requirement.


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