TEAC UD-503 USB DAC/ Headphone Amplifier -Black (Used)

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TEAC UD-503 USB DAC/ Headphone Amplifier -Black (Used)

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USB DAC/ Headphone Amplifier

The “UD-503” has a compact enclosure of A4 size, it is the result of 60 years cultivated of TEAC know-how in audio, it is a Dual-monaural USB DAC headphone amplifier with a high-end audio concept


This model has been discontinued.

It supports DSD11.2MHz and PCM 384kHz/32bit playback

The “UD-501” is adopted with the same design concept of “Dual-monaural Configuration” than the high-end audio, it is developed by 2 groups, the latest Asahi Kasei Electronics Co., Ltd. advanced with DSD11.2MHz, it supports native playback of PCM 384kHz/32bit format.


The TEAC-HCLD circuit realizes the D/A converter unit with excellent power of expression

For the analog output circuit which can be said the main of audio, a new current transmission enhanced buffer amplifier “TEAC-HCLD” circuit powered by 4 circuits, when outputted with an XLR balanced it gets to full balance, and when outputted with an RCA unbalance it become parallel unbalance. We realised D/A converter unit with an expressive power that exceeds the class.

The next generation of USB DAC/headphone amplifier that can also be used as high-quality preamplifier

The headphone amplifier has a discrete configuration that share the amplifier section and the line amplifier. At he front panel, TRS is equipped with 2 groups, there is also a driving force of high-dimensional as a full balance/parallel unbalance driving the headphone amplifier. In addition, you can use it as a high-quality pre-amplifier with high precision volume “TEAC-QVCS” by the remote control that can be set in 256 steps.

UD-503 is the next generation of USB DAC/headphone amplifier leading desktop audio to the next stage.


  • VGP2019 Summer Pure Audio Award
  • VGP 2018 Summer Pure Audio
  • VGP 2018 Pure Audio
  • VGP 2017 S PURE
  • VGP 2016 S
  • AEX 2016


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