1. Perfect professional music recording software, support Burnatonce and Feurio!

2. Support full APE FLAC WAV MP3 independent conversion

3. Make music CDs that are as beautiful as the master disc

4. Can radiate black universal vinyl discs, lure solar power, water blue discs, Verbatim glue, Mitsubishi dark blue, TDK audio discs, CDs, etc.

5. The minimum 4-speed recording is more compatible with ordinary external DVD recorders, and the music effect is much better.

Cache capacity: 2MB

Operating system: Windows 2000/ME/XP/WIN7.8, MaclE

Optical drive type: Lossless recorder

Burn CD4-24 speed

Support for reading: VCD CD DVD D9 disc

Physical dimension: 13.8cm x 13.8cm x