Weiduka AC8.8 MKII 3000W 15A Audio Power Conditioner (Black) + FREE GIFT

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Weiduka AC8.8 MKII 3000W 15A Audio Power Conditioner (Black) + FREE GIFT

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6 in stock

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Specification :

  • Weiduka AC8.8Power Purifier Conditioner Filter 3 in 1
  • Performance Mains Power Conditioner (AC filters, surge absorption, automatic overload circuit protection)
  • Made of imported high quality components, unique and patented filter.
  • Professional instrument grade, Germany WIMA interference capacitor, pole filter capacitor.
  • 15A automatic overload short-circuit protection
  • 6x GOLD-plated universal socket, 4x American standard double reed socket
  • Embedded backlit LCD header display, easy-to-read voltage display
  • 3000W strong load power, coupled with dual inductor current filter.
  • – Benefits all kinds of HiFi, AV Equipment, projector, a variety of theater equipment for Visual Picture Quality and Audio Sound Quality!
  • – Quality capacitor filter, lifts your system up to another level.

Features :

1.Use imported high quality components to make of common mode and differential mode AC power filters, has surge surge absorption, the lightning current to overload the function of automatic circuit protection. Equipped Analog output of the professional instrument grade AC voltmeter, at any time direct the level of the filter output AC voltage 220V to audiophiles according to the level of the output voltage, the sound system tuned to the best audio and visual effects.

2.Filter materials used: the use of imported power cord, shielded metal hood fever-level German imports WIMA interference capacitor, the German the MKP professional pole filter capacitor.

3.15A automatic overload short-circuit protection

4.Six senior gold-plated universal socket (product insert), four high-quality imported American standard double reed socket.

5.Filter has 10 output sockets, each socket has a filter anti-interference function, the left of the five output receptacle separate switch control for the AV amplifier, integrated amplifier, PA power amplifier needs around the clock to burnor other purposes. The right side of the five output sockets another separate switch control available for a CD, DVD, LD, TUENR (coordinator), previous amp, AUX (auxiliary outlet) use. The output power is 3000W.

6.Use four American dedicated power outlet and six power outlet for multi-purpose, to meet different needs.

7.Use quality of high-purity copper wire, in order to reduce transmission losses and improve the speed of energy supply.

8.Professional-grade power outlet, thick copper, flexibility, close contact, effectively reduce the current reflection and loss of electric shock.This is also an important guarantee for good sound quality, and voltage LCD digital display table.

9.Quality capacitor filter, music soft and transparent, good sound field.

10.Use replacing power cord, you can always upgrade according to their own personality.

11.With lightning protection and overcurrent protection devices.Practical and safe.


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Dimensions 35 × 15 × 12 cm


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