Weiduka AC9.9Power Purifier Conditioner Filter 3 in 1

  • Electricity Data Monitoring
  • Real Time Power Purification
  • Socket Double Way Control
  • Performance Mains Power Conditioner (AC filters, surge absorption, automatic overload circuit protection)
  • Made of imported high quality components, unique and patented filter.
  • Professional instrument grade, Germany WIMA interference capacitor, pole filter capacitor.
  • 15A automatic overload short-circuit protection
  • 6x GOLD-plated universal socket, 4x American standard double reed socket
  • Embedded backlit LCD header display, easy-to-read voltage display
  • 3000W strong load power, coupled with dual inductor current filter.
  • Benefits all kinds of HiFi, AV Equipment, projector, a variety of theater equipment for Visual Picture Quality and Audio Sound Quality!
  • Quality capacitor filter, lifts your system up to another level.
  • Product Dimension – 34cm x 9cm x 13cm