1.User-selected amplifier modes, UT (Ultra linear) mode provides greater output power and TR (Triode) mode does smooth and rich sound.

2.Class A push-pull power amplifier to reduce distortion;

3.User-selected pure post-stage and integrated modes;

4.Utilizes the audiophile capacitors and high quality metal precision resistors dedicated for audio frequency;

5.Output transformers manufactured with Japanese silicon steel sheet and oxygen-free enameled copper and high quality lacquer, which offer a wide dynamic range at full rated output;

6.Independent power supply for each channel.

7.Beautiful heavy duty chassis (stainless steel top, steel buttom) and aluminum panel and bezels;

8.Provides user adjustable bias, test points and tool to refine bias of the output tubes.


Tubes: KT88-98 × 4 (Output Tubes)

6N8P × 4 (Drivers and Cathode followers)

12AX7B × 2 (Voltage amplifiers)

Maximum Output:

30W per channel (8Ω and Triode Mode)

60W per channel (8Ω and Ultra linear Mode)

Output Jacks: Two channels with two groups gold plated jacks

Output Impedance: 4Ω and 8Ω

Input Jacks: Gold plated isolated RCA jacks, 4 groups (CD, DVD, Tape, and Tuner) on rear, and 1 group on front as the input of post-stage mode

Input Sensitivity:

0.25V in integrated mode (CD, DVD, and Tuner)

0.6V in pure post-stage mode (Front input connectors)

Distortion of Harmonic Wave: ≤1.5%

Frequency Response: 5Hz ~ 80KHz (-2dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 90dB (A weight)

Supply Voltage: AC 220V, 60Hz

Power Consumption: 250W

Net Weight: 23kg

Shipping Weight: 30kg

Shipping Dimension: 60cm x 52cm x 36cm