It uses the latest improved exports version famous 6V6 vacuum tube as the class A power amplifier, it use 12AT7 and 12AU7 as push it is good sound quality.

Selects finest ultra linear type Push Pull electric circuit, causes the low frequency propelling force strong, it makes bass push power powerful, timbre is profuse.

Output transformer uses the Japan import audio frequency special-purpose silicon steel plate ( 0.35mm thick) and the high strength enamel- insulated wire and specially circles the system craft manufacture.

Four AUX inputs which can select by the remote provided and 32 ohms headphone jack, all give more musical options.








Technical Specifications:
Output power: 12.5W+12.5W(8 ohms)
Frequency response: 5Hz-75KHz (-2dB)
Distortion: ≤2%
Signal noise ratio: ≥80dB(A weighted,0.2V 1kHz integrated)
Input sensitivity: 0.6V 1kHz poweramp
Earphone output: 32 ohms Recommended
Vacuum tube: 6V6 x4 12AU7 x2 12AT7 x2
Power supply: AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz (110V version will be takes 7-14 working days to order)
Dimensions: 350 x 225 x 160mm
Weight: 17kg



输出功率:12.5W + 12.5W(8欧姆)
信噪比:≥80dB(A加权,0.2V 1kHz积分)
输入灵敏度:0.6V 1kHz功率放大器
真空管:6V6 x4 12AU7 x2 12AT7 x2
电源:AC110V / 220V 60Hz / 50Hz(110V版本需要7-14个工作日订购)
尺寸:350 x 225 x 160mm


A YAQIN MS6V6 unit
A Power cable
A Manual




The Yaqin MS-6V6 amplifier is a tube amplifier working in a down-pull system based on very popular stream tetrodes, 2 medium power 6V6 (6P6P) lamps per channel and 2 control lamps (1x12AU7 and 1x 12AT7) per channel. The main advantage is the total maintenance-free (autobias), headphone jack, gain control with remote control, cheap and available lamps.

Suitable for reproduction of any musical genre, showing its charm in small musical compositions. It gives a clear and deep scene with a true picture of warm tube sound. It will drive most of the speakers without any problems. Soft bass, pleasant to the ear, high tones very clear but not exaggerated. He calmly copes with the 30m salon sound system.

The amplifier uses a system that protects the tubes during the start procedure. After switching on the supply voltage, the amplifier goes into the mute state. For several dozen seconds, the filament voltage is applied to the lamps, then anode voltage is applied to the input lamps. After a few seconds, the anode voltage is also applied to the output stage, and the amplifier goes into standby. The power supply of this amplifier uses separate power transformers, chokes and filters for individual stages, enabling their complete isolation. High-capacity capacitors were used in network ripple filtering systems.

Yaqin MS-6V6放大器是在下拉式系统中工作的电子管放大器,它基于非常流行的四极管,每个通道2个中功率6V6(6P6P)灯和每个通道2个控制灯(1x12AU7和1x 12AT7)。主要优点是完全免维护(自动偏置),耳机插孔,带遥控器的增益控制,便宜且可用的灯泡。



The design uses transformers from STALLOY, high-quality metallic resistors, selected electrolytic capacitors. Everything is placed in a solid aluminum housing. The protective cage for power lamps is also made of aluminum.

该设计使用了STALLOY的变压器,高质量的金属电阻器和精选的电解电容器。 一切都放在坚固的铝制外壳中。 功率灯的保护罩也由铝制成。

The front panel has a headphone jack and 4 input selector switches. A potentiometer knob is located on the side panel. Gain adjustment is also carried out using a remote control that starts the servo mechanically connected to the potentiometer. On the back of the amplifier we have 4 RCA inputs and 4 and 8 Ohm loudspeaker outputs. On the side wall of the housing there is an output selector switch.

前面板有一个耳机插孔和4个输入选择器开关。 电位器旋钮位于侧面板上。 增益调整也可以通过使用遥控器来启动,该遥控器启动机械连接到电位计的伺服器。 在放大器的背面,我们有4个RCA输入以及4和8欧姆扬声器输出。 在外壳的侧壁上有一个输出选择器开关。