1. The transformer is made of Japanese imported audio special oriented silicon steel sheet Z11 (0.35MM thick)
2. “High-strength oxygen-free copper enameled wire” is produced by special layered group firing process (eight layers in total)
3. The output transformer is made of cable paper and yellow wax special film that is recommended by enthusiasts (bandwidth up to 5Hz-40KHz)

Output power: 8.5W + 8.5W (4Ω or 8Ω)
Signal to noise ratio: ≥84db (A weighting)
Distortion: (8Ω) ≤1.5% (1KHz)
Frequency response: 5Hz-40KHz (-2db)
Input sensitivity:
When combined input: 0.2V
Pure rear input: 1V
Load impedance: 4Ω-8Ω
Electron tube: 300B-N×2, 6N8P×2, 12AU7×2, 5Z3P×1
Dimension: length 590mm × width 470mm × height 380mm
Gross weight: 30kg
Maximum power supply: ≤150W

Power supply: 100V – 240V 60Hz/50Hz, 110V, 115V, 120V, 220V and 230V version are in stock. 100V and 240V version need to take 3-14 business days to order.