Yaqin SD-33A Hi-Fi 6N8P/6SN7 Vacuum Tube CD player (Remote Control)

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Yaqin SD-33A Hi-Fi 6N8P/6SN7 Vacuum Tube CD player (Remote Control)

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Product details of YAQIN SD-33A Hi-Fi 6N8P/6SN7 VACCUM TUBE CD PLAYER (Remote Control)

  • Japan SANYO high precision movement to ensure stable and smooth disc reading
  • 4 output way : Tube output /Operational output/balance output/digital coaxial output,Can connect to separate audio decoder
  • Servo circuit adopt Philips SAA 7824 chip ,PCM1794U chip and DAC decoder produced by US BB company, With Remote control and screen display
  • It adopt high-quality multilayer filter circuit ,can clear digital signal effectively and bring out Hi-fi music output
  • Output transformer is made by audio-specific Sillicon steel(0.35mm) and high intensity free-oxygen copper enameled wire to decrease electromagnetic interference
  • 日本三洋高精度机芯,确保光盘读取稳定顺畅
  • 4路输出方式:电子管输出/操作输出/平衡输出/数字同轴输出,可连接独立的音频解码器
  • 伺服电路采用美国BB公司生产的飞利浦SAA 7824芯片,PCM1794U芯片和DAC解码器,具有遥控和屏幕显示功能
  • 采用优质多层滤波电路,可有效清除数字信号,并输出高保真音乐输出
  • 输出变压器由音频专用硅钢(0.35mm)和高强度无氧铜漆包线制成,以减少电磁干扰


  • Audio Output Level:Balance :4V(±0.5dB) Single 2V (±0.5dB)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-35KHz(±0.5dB)
  • Distortion: ≤0.0005%(1kHz)
  • SNR:≥110dB
  • Dynamic Range:≥117dB
  • Analog Output: one balance group.
  • unbalance : operational output, tube output
  • Digital Output :Coaxia
  • Tube: 6N8P/6SN7*2
  • Size: 15*14*8 inches(W*H*D)
  • Gross Weight: About 10kg



  • 音频输出电平:平衡:4V(±0.5dB)单2V(±0.5dB)
  • 频率响应:10Hz-35KHz(±0.5dB)
  • 失真度:≤0.0005%(1kHz)
  • 信噪比:≥110dB
  • 动态范围≥117dB
  • 模拟输出:一个平衡组。
  • 不平衡:操作输出,电子管输出
  • 数字量输出:Coaxia
  • 灯管:6N8P / 6SN7 * 2
  • 尺寸:15 * 14 * 8英寸(W * H * D)
  • 毛重:约10kg


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