YAQIN SD-38A Vacuum Tube hifi CD PLAYER

Heart of the device is SONY high accuracy cassette mechanism, good stability and reading disc easy. Servo circuit uses the PHILIPS SAA7824 chip. It uses American BB Corporation PCM1732U chip with HDCD decoder. It uses the outstanding stable multi-layer filter circuit, Effective elimination numerical code signal,just High-fidelity Music signal output for you. It uses two low-resistance Vacuum Tube 6N8P, push power is powerful. It has the coaxial digital signal output terminal, it can connect external audio decoder Its coupled circuit uses Enthusiast nonpolarity Philips (MKP) capacitor and high quality metallic resistance.The output transformer use Japanese audio special stalloy (thickness is 0.35mm) and high strength enamel-insulated wire. It used special coiling process, let the audio frequency wide, to ensure timbre of the trebles, mediant and bass are nice, transparent and powerful.


该设备的心脏是SONY高精度盒式磁带机构,稳定性好,读取光盘容易。 伺服电路采用PHILIPS SAA7824芯片。 它使用美国BB Corporation的PCM1732U芯片和HDCD解码器。 它使用出色的稳定多层滤波器电路,有效消除数字信号,为您提供高保真音乐信号输出。 它使用两个低电阻真空管6N8P,推动力强大。 它具有同轴数字信号输出端子,可以连接外部音频解码器。其耦合电路使用发烧级非极性飞利浦(MKP)电容器和高品质金属电阻。输出变压器使用日本音频特殊档(厚度为0.35mm)和高强度搪瓷 绝缘线。 它采用了特殊的绕线工艺,使音频变宽,以确保高音,中音和低音的音色优美,透明且有力。


Audio output signal: 2.3V(+-0.5dB)
Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz(+-0.3dB)
SNR: ≥110dB(A)
Distortion: ≤0.005%
Dynamic range ≥100 dB
Channel separation: 96dB
Power consumption: ≤70W
Vacuum Tube: 6N8P x 2
Input Power Voltage: (110V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order) 220V version is in stock
Dimensions: 390mm x 490mm x 190mm
Weight 13kg
Packing Include: Set Tubes, Aluminum remote control and Standard 1.5m Power Cord



音频输出信号: 2.3V(+-0.5dB)
频率响应: 10Hz-20kHz(+-0.3dB)
信噪比: ≥110dB(A)
失真: ≤0.005%
动态范围: ≥100 dB
通道分离: 96dB
能量消耗: ≤70W
真空管: 6N8P x 2
输入电源电压: (110V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order) 220V version is in stock
方面: 390mm x 490mm x 190mm
重量 13kg
包装包括: 固定管,铝制遥控器和1.5m标准电源线