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Zidoo Z1000 Pro New 4K UHD Android Media Player + Free Gift

RM 1,650.00

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If a few days ago we knew about the new ZIDOO Z9X, today its big brothers ZIDOO Z10 PRO and ZIDOO Z1000 PRO have been presented, which also integrate the new Realtek RTD1619-DR SoC. These Smart boxes are distinguished by the design of its aluminum box that allows to lodge inside 3,5″ disks and thus a greater control of our films.

These TV-Boxes are devices intended for those seeking quality in local content playback. As usual in this type of product, we will not have support for streaming services such as Netflix or Prime video in 4K quality.

Specification :

  • New chipset RTD1619DR hexa-core 64bit high-performance processor.
  • Built-in VS10 engine could process Dolby Vision very well. All files could be mapped to similar color of Dolby Vision, image quality improves a lot.
  • 2GB DDR4 Large memory and 32GB eMMC internal storage supports smooth running and masses of apps installation.
  • Android 9.0 OS has improved the system performance and stability greatly.
  • Large front LED display panel, high-quality switching mode power supply and hidden large-capacity NSS patent HDD bay and antennas.
  • HDMI 2.0 supports 4k 60Hz point-to-point output,HDR(HDR10/HLG/HDR10+/Dolby Vision), 12Bit, BT2020 wide color range, YCbCr 4:4:4 color space. Supporting audio passthrough.
  • More accurate HDR10 static metadata (MaxFall,MaxCll) processing, highlights and shadows display with stark contrast.
  • Support HDR10+ dynamic metadata processing, images colors and brightness levels could be obtained accurately frame by frame and scene by scene.
  • Advanced Dolby Vision technology, support high-quality Dolby Vision low latency(LLDV)output, the most suitable brightness could be output for images and scenes of each frame. Highlights are brighter while shadows are darker, displaying the best visual effect.
  • Support automatic frame rate and resolution switching to ensure smooth video playback.
  • Support SATA/USB(3.5/2.5) connection (hard drives up to 14TB) and external unencrypted BD / DVD/CD discs.
  • Support BD/BD3D/UHD full Blu-ray navigation and complex MPLS structure Blu-ray seamless branching playback.
  • Almost all 3D video formats are supported, including MVC 3D (Blu-ray\MKV).
  • Support lossless playback including SACD ISO (stereo),DSF,DFF .
  • Support special effect subtitles, download subtitles online and exclusively support Blu-ray and MKV forced subtitles.
  • Support Roon Ready, Spotify music streaming and DRM Widevine L1 to enjoy high-quality online video playback.
  • HomeTheater3.0 with brand-new UI supports automatic posters scanning, custom classifications and movie trailers.
  • Newly upgraded Music Player supports lossless playback and decoding, personalized setting and associated songs data matching.
  • Support standard WOL, users could choose Power On mode or Standby mode after switching on.
  • Pass through Control 4 smart control certification, connecting to smart home conveniently (power on/off could be controlled).
  • IOS and Android ZIDOO Controller APP could control media players easily in same LAN (power on/off could be controlled).


如果几天前我们对新的ZIDOO Z9X有所了解,那么今天将介绍其新兄弟ZIDOO Z10 PRO和ZIDOO Z1000 PRO,它们还集成了新的Realtek RTD1619-DR SoC。这些Smart盒子的独特之处在于其铝盒的设计,该铝盒可以放置在3,5英寸的光盘中,从而可以更好地控制我们的胶片。


规格 :

  • 新的芯片组RTD1619DR六核64位高性能处理器。
  • 内置VS10引擎可以很好地处理Dolby Vision。所有文件都可以映射到杜比视界的相似颜色,图像质量大大提高。
  • 2GB DDR4大内存和32GB eMMC内部存储支持流畅的运行和大量的应用程序安装。
  • Android 9.0 OS大大提高了系统性能和稳定性。
  • 大型正面LED显示面板,高品质开关模式电源和隐藏的大容量NSS专利HDD托架和天线。
  • HDMI 2.0支持4k 60Hz点对点输出,HDR(HDR10 / HLG / HDR10 + / Dolby Vision),12Bit,BT2020宽色彩范围,YCbCr 4:4:4色彩空间。支持音频直通。
  • 更精确的HDR10静态元数据(MaxFall,MaxCll)处理,高光和阴影以鲜明的对比度显示。
  • 支持HDR10 +动态元数据处理,可以逐帧和逐场景准确获取图像颜色和亮度级别。
  • 先进的Dolby Vision技术,支持高质量的Dolby Vision低延迟(LLDV)输出,可以为每帧图像和场景输出最合适的亮度。高光更亮而阴影更暗,显示出最佳的视觉效果。
  • 支持自动帧频和分辨率切换,以确保流畅的视频播放。
  • 支持SATA / USB(3.5 / 2.5)连接(最大14TB的硬盘驱动器)和外部未加密的BD / DVD / CD光盘。
  • 支持BD / BD3D / UHD完整蓝光导航和复杂的MPLS结构的蓝光无缝分支播放。
  • 几乎支持所有3D视频格式,包括MVC 3D(Blu-ray \ MKV)。
  • 支持无损播放,包括SACD ISO(立体声),DSF,DFF。
  • 支持特殊效果字幕,在线下载字幕,并独家支持Blu-ray和MKV强制字幕。
  • 支持Roon Ready,Spotify音乐流和DRM Widevine L1,以享受高质量的在线视频播放。
  • 带有全新UI的HomeTheater3.0支持自动海报扫描,自定义分类和电影预告片。
  • 新升级的音乐播放器支持无损播放和解码,个性化设置以及相关的歌曲数据匹配。
  • 支持标准WOL,用户开机后可以选择开机模式或待机模式。
  • 通过Control 4智能控制认证,可以方便地连接到智能家居(可以控制电源的开/关)。
  • IOS和Android ZIDOO Controller APP可以在同一LAN中轻松控制媒体播放器(可以控制电源的开/关)。



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