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BIK BJ-U500 Wireless Microphones

RM 2,699.00

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BIK BJ-U500 Wireless Microphone Design Review

Micro BIK BJ-U500 includes 2 main parts that are 2 microphone hands and 1 receiver. Sophisticated and beautiful design, each line and detail is meticulously carved by BIK, ensuring durability and high aesthetics for the product. The receiver is a compact rectangular block with many details arranged scientifically and logically. Pure black tone combined with balanced size, compact weight is easy to arrange in the sound system.

BIK BJ-U500  Wireless Microphone Quality Review

Strong And Stable Reception

BIK BJ-U500 wireless microphone is equipped with 2 antennas to make the signal more stable, especially with a large space, the microphone still receives good signals. You no longer have to worry about the microphone losing signal or the signal being interrupted, but you can comfortably sing, move to any different position in the room space.

With spaces with many obstacles, the microphone still gives good transmission, the voice still ensures authenticity and sophistication, can be used in large and large spaces such as halls, stages…

Accurate Wave Detection

BIK BJ-U500 wireless microphone is equipped with automatic clean wave detection technology accurately, limiting wave loss and weak waves. With 200 frequency channels, the sound quality is always absolutely guaranteed.

Filter Noise, Anti-Howling

Using super high UHF frequency, BIK BJ-U500 wireless microphone has excellent sound filtering and anti-howling ability. In addition, it has extremely high sensitivity, gentle singing, does not need to take too much effort when singing, it still produces the best sound speaker. When using 2 microphones at the same time, you will not have to worry about sound or sound reverberation, limiting noise

Auto Sensor Off

With auto-sensing feature, the BIK BJ-U500 wireless microphone will be activated when you are not using it, can automatically turn off after 5 seconds and turn off all activities after 15 minutes of non-use

Type : Double Superheterodyne
AF Frequency :640MHz – 690MHz
Channel : 200 Ch (0-99 Ch + 100-199 Ch)
Sensitivity : 12 dB uV (80 dB  S/N)
Distortion :  0.5 %(Max)
Dimensions : 430 (W) x 45.2 (H) x 183 (D) mm
Weight : 1.85 Kg
Power Voltage : 100V – 240V AC 50/60Hz(AC Adapter)
Microphone type : Dinamic type
Dimensions : Φ52 X 252 (H) mm
Weight : 350g ( Include two batteries )



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